What To Do If Your LG TV Isn’t Programmed With Tata Sky

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Having an LG TV and a Tata Sky subscription, yet not being able to program the service on your TV can be a frustrating situation.

You could be prevented from watching your preferred channels and shows and might be uncertain about the solution to fix it.

However, there are some quick solutions you can use to get your LG TV working with Tata Sky. In this article, we will offer you some useful recommendations to resolve the LG TV not programmed with Tata Sky issue and help you get back to enjoying your entertainment quickly.

Why is my LG TV not programmed with Tata Sky?

So, according to LG’s website, the main reason that your LG TV is showing a ‘not programmed’ error is due to the TV input not being set up correctly.

The first thing we would suggest is to check that all of your input and output cables are connected securely, this will be your HDMI cables, Scart and more.

Now, navigate to your LG TV settings with the remote control and go through the AV, Digital TV and HDMI setup.

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LG TV not programmed – solutions

The quickest and easiest way to fix the ‘not programmed’ issue is to click the Smart button on your LG remote and select ‘Input list’, then select AV until your TV picture shows up.

Alternatively, you can go to ‘settings’, then ‘input’, now select HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 or AV1 or AV2 and your TV picture should now show.

Finally, if this still hasn’t fixed the issue it probably means that there’s another issue going on with the TV, for example with the channels. We’d advise that you complete an auto programme on the TV if this is the case.

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To sum up, if your LG TV is not set up with Tata Sky, you can take some actions to resolve the problem. Begin by verifying that your TV is compatible with Tata Sky and you have an active subscription. Next, attempt to reset your TV and Tata Sky set-top box, and conduct a channel rescan. If these measures fail, it may be necessary to seek further assistance from Tata Sky customer service or an LG professional.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to get your LG TV functioning with Tata Sky effectively.

If the issue still persists then contact us today for instant support.


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