Have you lost radio channels on Freeview TV? Get them back in four easy steps

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Occasionally, radio channels can disappear from your Freeview television. This can be a frustrating experience, but thankfully there are several different ways you can solve this issue.

Our experts at Your Fix Guide suggest retuning your Freeview TV regularly as this will ensure a smooth viewing experience. However, sometimes channels can just disappear from certain regions of the UK.

Keep reading for our handy guide on how to get your radio channels back!

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Why have my radio channels disappeared?

First off, in Scotland, all the radio channels disappear from 5 pm to midnight in order to make room for BBC ALBA.

If you reside outside of Scotland then it is likely to be a problem with your receiver.

Your receiver has to be able to capture the correct frequencies from the radio stations so that you can listen in on Freeview.

This could have been messed up because your TV tried to auto-tune and latched onto a weaker signal that won’t be able to give you the radio channels you want.

It’s an easy fix and you can do it with a manual retune which we have explained in detail below.

Here’s how to fix the Sky TV error code 35abcd: It’s not as complicated as it seems!

How to get your radio channels back in four easy steps

  1. Navigate to the Menu on your TV by pressing it on your box or remote.
  2. Go to “Set up”, “Installation” and “Update”, if a password is required it should be either 0000 or 1234.
  3. Select “First-time installation” or it could be called “factory reset” or “full retune.”
  4. Press “OK” – it’s ok to delete channels when prompted and then save the channels that are found.

This usually sorts the problem and all your radio channels should now be able to be found.

Another common Freeview issue solved

Freeview is constantly adding new channels to keep the service competitive with other providers and allow everyone to watch great TV.

However, sometimes when a new channel is added a number of households aren’t able to find it.

If you find that the channel hasn’t been added you can unplug your Freeview box for 30 seconds.

Then, plug the box back in, perform a full-channel scan under ‘settings’ and the new channel should be found easily.