Having Sony Bravia tuning problems? Easy-to-follow troubleshooting tips

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Sony is a brand hailed worldwide for its vast array of electronics. The corporation was founded a whopping 74 years ago in the wake of WWII – and let’s just say that tech was very different back then.

Today, we’re all living in a digital world where payments are made without cash, social circles are available at the click of a button and shopping can be done entirely virtually.

One area of tech that’s come on in leaps and bounds since it first emerged in 1900’s is television.

Sony brought out its Bravia range in 2005 and in 2020, it’s still rolling out models under the brand name. Sony is a trusted reliable electronics brand, but even the best of the best have the odd technical hitch now and again.

Let’s take a look at what you can do if you’re experiencing Sony Bravia tuning problems.

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Envato Elements – Sony Bravia tuning problems

Having Sony Bravia tuning problems?

If you’re having issues getting your Sony Bravia TV channels working, let’s see where the issue could be coming from.

  • First things first, it’s important if you’re using Freeview, to make sure that you can tune into the channel you’re wanting to. Using the online postcode checker, you can easily see whether the channel can be received in your area.
  • Another aspect to consider is whether you may have ‘hidden’ the channel. To ‘un-hide’ a channel if you have done so, press ‘guide’ on your remote control. Guide > Press yellow button > Enter Sony PIN > Choose Restore all channels > Press red button. 
  • Always check all the cables connecting your TV to the aerial. And it’s always worth attempting a full reboot of the whole system. Turn everything off at the mains, wait 30 seconds and turn everything back on again. If this hasn’t solved anything, please follow the steps below on how to complete a retune.

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Retune my Sony TV

A retune of your TV is easy to complete.

First, locate the HOME > Settings > Channel Setup > Digital Setup > Digital Tuning > Digital Auto Tuning.

Now, your Sony Bravia should be fully retuned. Now and again a retune is required for Freeview customers. Take a look at the retune dates in 2020 here.

Sharp, Toshiba or Panasonic TVs – How to retune

To retune a Sharp, Toshiba or Panasonic TV, you’ll need your remote control.

Head to the main menu by clicking the ‘menu’ button.

Menu > Set up > Freeview tuning menu > Auto set up.

Alternatively, you may need to follow these steps using the remote:

Menu > Channel set up > Auto preset ch

If you’re still having retuning issues, there could be significant signal interference. If you suspect that there’s an issue with an external aerial or engineering works are currently taking place in your area, these could be factors altering your channel viewing.

Please call us on our freephone number today – 0800 433 7963 – if you require assistance with retuning,

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