Samsung ‘recording or time shift is currently unavailable’ – what to do next

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Samsung is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones. Starting out with the original Samsung Solstice, the electronics company has since gone on to create tablets, computers, PC monitors, audio devices, printers and much more including TVs!

In 1970, Samsung released its first-ever television which was very different from TVs today. Since then, the growth of the Samsung TV has been massive with several updates and new technologies being added.

Despite the huge growth in Samsung and its products, some issues can occur with electronics. Here is what to do if your Samsung TV is showing “recording or time shift is currently unavailable”.

Samsung "recording or timeshift is currently unavailable"
Envato Elements – Samsung “recording or timeshift is currently unavailable”

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What does ‘time shift’ and ‘recording’ on a Samsung TV do?

Timeshift allows you to pause, rewind and fast-forward any live TV, it gives you the opportunity to nip off for a cuppa during your favourite programme and not miss a second.

Recording also allows you to continue watching your most loved shows without even being there. If your busy or watching a different programme, the record option means that you can record a show and watch it back at your own time.

It is really handy for those who are constantly busy or always watching TV to never miss out on the best shows around!
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Fixing ‘time shift’ and ‘recording’ issues on a Samsung TV by updating the software

Sometimes, the issue can be as simple as not having your TV updated to its newest software. Samsung releases several new updates a year to keep improving their products. While they provide the tech, it is up to you to update your devices.

You should always check that your TV is up-to-date with Samsung’s newest software to see if there is a newer version. If you are unaware of how to check this, follow these simple instructions:

On your remote control press Menu, then go to Support, after that scroll to Software Update.

Alternatively, factory resetting your TV can solve the issue temporarily. To do this follow these instructions:

Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset

The current software that your TV is working on will appear – if you do not have the newest update Samsung has to offer, it will show the most recent one. Make sure you update your TV to the newest software in case this is the reason for your time shift and recording not working. – Samsung “recording or time shift is currently unavailable”

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Still having issues with recording on your TV?

To record on your Samsung TV, there is an option of recording onto a USB device. The most popular device used for this is a Pen Drive. This allows you to record onto the USB and later watch what you recorded.

If you are going to purchase a USB drive to record several programmes regularly, you should stick to buying one with at least 4GB of storage space. This will allow you to keep more of your favourite programmes. You can buy tonnes of USB sticks online by clicking here.