Here’s how to mirror iPhone to Firestick: View everything on the big screen!


A mobile phone allows us to capture precious memories. It can be amazing to go through them after a while.

However, sometimes you want to watch these memories on the big screen of your TV. Well, if you have an iPhone and an Amazon Firestick, we have the perfect solution for you.

Today, we will guide you on how you can mirror your iPhone to your Amazon Firestick that is connected to your TV. With this, you would not only be able to mirror your memories but even your TV shows and movies from apps such as Netflix.

How to mirror iPhone to Firestick
Envato Elements – How to mirror iPhone to Firestick

How to screen mirror iPhone to Firestick

If you are an Apple iPhone user, you most probably know of the AirPlay feature in your device. It is an effortless way to share things with other Apple devices and even lets you mirror your screen. However, unfortunately, the Amazon Firestick is not compatible with the Apple AirPlay. Though you shouldn’t panic just yet, there is a solution.

To get started, you need to make sure that your iPhone is running on at least iOS 9. Now you need to download the app “AirBeam TV” from the app store. This app would allow you to mirror your iPhone’s screen to your Amazon Firestick.

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Do I need to install anything to screen mirror?

If you’re wondering whether you need to install anything on your Amazon Firestick to screen mirror an iPhone, the answer is yes! There are multiple applications that would allow you to receive the screen mirror from your iPhone.

The one we would recommend is “Video and TV Cast for Fire TV”. You should download this application from the Google Play Store on your Firestick.

The Video and TV Cast for Fire TV app allows you to mirror videos, music, and movies from your iPhone to your TV. Once both the apps are installed, you are all ready to start mirroring!

There are some other applications too that you might want to try. These include “iWeb TV”, “AllConnect for Fire TV”, and “AirPlay Mirror Receiver”.

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How to screen mirror iPad and Macbook to Firestick

The applications we have listed above can be used with any iOS device, including the iPad.

Follow the same process to get started with screen mirroring your iPad to your Amazon Firestick.

With the Macbook, you need to download the Mac version of “AirBeam TV”. However, the remaining process remains the same.

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