How do I unfreeze my iPhone XR? Four steps to get your mobile working

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Having an iPhone is pretty common-place in the 21st century. The first-ever mobile from Apple was released in 2011, and now it’s safe to say that the technology has grown hugely over the last nine years in regard to the iPhone as well as many other Apple products.

First released in September 2018, Apple Inc designed and brought us the iPhone XR. The XR is the twelfth iPhone in its generation brought out by the electronics giant.

This model of iPhone comes in six different colours – white, black, yellow, red, blue and coral.

A common issue that iPhone owners seem to be coming across is with their mobile freezing. Many ask how to unfreeze their iPhone XR phone screen. We show you in a few easy steps how it’s done…

How do I unfreeze my iPhone XR-
How do I unfreeze my iPhone XR – Envato Elements

What is the difference between the iPhone XS and XR?

First off, let’s take a look at the differences between iPhone models XS and XR. The XR is considered as ‘the iPhone for everyone’ and costs slightly less than the XS and XS Max.

Perfect for those that don’t want to spend as much but still have a good quality iPhone, the XR display has a 6.1-inch screen that sits between the XS of 5.8 inches and the XS Max at 6.5 inches.

Camera-wise, the XR has a single 12-Mega pixel camera whereas the XS and XS Max have dual 12-Mega pixel cameras.

The processor, front camera, video, and software specifications are all the same across both the XR and XS.

Finally, the iPhone XS and the XS Max have storage up to 512GB whereas the storage for the XR goes up to 256GB.

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How do I unfreeze my iPhone XR?

The following steps should probably be carried out if your iPhone XR is unresponsive or frozen:

  1. On the side of the phone locate the Volume up, Volume down button, on the opposite side the power/sleep/wake button.
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume up button.
  3. Press and quickly release the Volume down button.
  4. Hold down the power/sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo and then release.

This should unfreeze your phone and it should start working as a result.

How to force restart an iPhone XR

If you’re not having any luck unfreezing your phone, you may want to carry out an iOS re-install.

First of all, to do this, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer using a compatible cable and open iTunes.

Carry out the previous steps to unfreeze your phone but keep holding the buttons until you go into recovery mode on the iPhone screen.

Once the recovery screen appears on the phone, on your computer go to the iTunes window that shows the option to Restore or Update your iPhone.

Click Update and iTunes should update the iOS on your iPhone.

All your settings apps and data should still be available by doing this update.

If that doesn’t work you may need to carry out a restore, but that will mean all the data on the iPhone will be removed.

Remember: It’s always a great idea to keep your iPhone backed up in the event of your phone needing a restore.

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