How many Gigabytes does a Firestick use? Reduce your data usage


Amazon first launched Fire TV in 2014 in the UK and USA.

The first-generation of Fire TV Stick came out in late 2014 which condensed Fire TV into a dongle connectable via an HDMI port.

Nowadays, technology is growing but it seems that devices are getting smaller. This is to the point where we can have a multitude of apps and TV shows at our fingertips all in a device which slots behind the TV.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick may be small but is it causing damage to our electricity and data bills?

How many Gigabytes does a Firestick use?
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How many Gigabytes does a Firestick use?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick will use internet data to stream content. When it comes to the actual Gigabyte (GB) amounts, this can vary from person to person.

Factors include the video quality you chose to watch content in – 4K will use more data than standard quality.

It also depends on how much TV you watch on the Firestick.

According to “When you are watching a movie with video quality set to Good, Fire TV Stick consumes about 900MB of data/hour. It will consume about 3.5GB data while watching videos in Best quality. 4K videos will consume about 6GB of data/hour.”

By the looks of things, the Amazon Fire Stick has the capacity to eat up your data allowance, so be careful how much you use it. also includes a warning about how much data the dongle can use up in their guide: “10 Things to Know About an Amazon Fire TV Stick Before You Buy One”.

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Does a Firestick use data when not in use?

As the Firestick is plugged into the HDMI port, either at the back or on the side, of a TV, it can be easily forgotten about.

It’s unconfirmed exactly how much data a Fire TV Stick uses when you’re not streaming content. But we can assume it still uses some.

If the Firestick is turned off completely a no power is getting to it via the TV, then you can rest easy knowing that no data will be being used.

However, if your TV is left on standby mode or your Firestick is left on the home screen, some data will be used.

Should I turn my Fire Stick off when I go on holiday?

When taking a trip, it’s always best to switch off any electrical devices. Firstly for safety reasons, but also to ensure that your data isn’t being used up unnecessarily.

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How to reduce Firestick data usage

Many people ask: “Does the Firestick turn off when the TV turns off?” The answer is yes. If there’s no power going to the TV, there’ll not be power going to the Firestick, either.

So, the first way to reduce Firestick data usage is to ensure when you’re not using the device, to turn everything off at the wall.

You can also watch things in a lower quality to reduce data usage. to do this, please follow these steps: Menu > Display and Sounds > Video Resolution > Select a lower resolution.

To keep an eye on how much data is being used on your Firestick, please follow the steps below.

Settings > Preferences > Data Monitoring > toggle ‘ON’

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