The Panasonic TX-43GX551 TV goes under the microscope: A positive review


Digging deep into the specifications of the Panasonic TX-43GX551, we take a look at this popular TV model from Panasonic.

Panasonic is up there with the like of LG and Sony when you think of great TV brands and it should be, the Japanese corporation has been in business since 1918 and has been constantly innovating.

They produce a range of other electronic goods and are especially good at making photography equipment but today we take a look at their newest offering, the Panasonic TX-43GX551.

This TV has been earning rave reviews from customers and we thought there must be something about it that’s wrong so we needed to review it ourselves.

We were overwhelmingly impressed with it and couldn’t fault it much at all so continue reading and then decide for yourself whether it’s something that you want to buy.

The Panasonic TX-43GX551 packs a punch when it comes to screen quality

The picture quality is enhanced by HDR which extends the range of colours for enhanced realism. It also delivers brighter whites and deeper blacks, helping to give this TV stunning levels of contrast.

Its UHD 4K screen is four times more detailed than a standard FHD screen. This makes for much greater detail and an image that’s more natural and true-to-life. Fewer pixels also means you can sit closer to the TV without losing definition, this is perfect for smaller rooms.

The price of the Panasonic TX043GX551 is also superb at only £299 through, you won’t find many better TVs for that price and it means you can still get a great product if you’re on a smaller budget.

Connecting to your WiFi, this TV turns into a Smart TV. As well as the catch-up TV channels available via Freeview Play, this also adds a full web browser into the equation.

Freeview Play combines catch-up TV, on-demand services and live TV to make it easy to watch what you want, when you want. It’s free and compatible with existing broadband services, while iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5 are available without having to open specific apps.

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Are there any negatives?

There are very few negatives we could find with this TV and there are far more positives than negatives when using this screen.

As to be expected from a TV of this price, the audio could be improved even more by purchasing an additional speaker.

Some have mentioned that the remote control is quite delicate but this shouldn’t put you off an overall great TV.

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With outstanding screen quality with a truly beautiful clear display.

Great price for an outstanding modern television with easy access to your favourite programmes.

Scoring great reviews from customers, Digi gives this TV a 5/5


Can it compare to competitors on the market?

The Panasonic TX-43GX551 compares very well to similar TVs on the market and what really sets it apart is those smaller pixels. Many similarly priced screens don’t possess the same picture quality which can give a distorted image if you’re sitting closer.

For under £300 we’d say you’re onto a winner. Many TVs under this price point suffer from a whole host of issues and purchasing this telly as well as an additional speaker if needs be means that the Panasonic TX-43GX551 surpasses its competitors out there on the market.

Overall, we think this is a great smaller TV, perhaps for the kitchen or the children’s bedroom.

Great price for a beautiful clear – Picture 

HDR Smart TV