How to screen record on a Samsung A50: Alternate OS options


The Samsung Galaxy A50 is the fifth generation of Samsung’s A-series mobile phones.

Samsung released the model in 2019 globally which features a triple rear camera, super AMOLED display, fingerprint sensor and facial recognition.

Anyone looking for a mobile phone which provides a little more scope and freedom than what the Apple iPhone does, will often opt for an Android device such as the Samsung Galaxy models.

For anyone wishing to, let’s see how to screen record on a Samsung A50.

@Korneevamaha via Twenty20
@Korneevamaha via Twenty20

What is screen recording used for?

As the name suggests, screen recording allows you to record whatever is going on on a device’s screen. Whether you’re watching tutorial you’d like to keep for later or you’re showing work colleagues a walk-through of a task they’ll need to do, there are many reasons for wanting to screen record.

In the current climate, where many people are remote working due to the Coronavirus lockdown, screen recording is even more important as we’re unable to physically show each other things via a device screen. But, with the facility of screen recording, along with video conferencing, it brings us slightly closer together.

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How to screen record on a Samsung A50

First things first, it’s best to establish whether your device has a built-in screen recorder. The Samsung A50 does have an in-built screen recorder. So, let’s run through the steps of how to get it enabled.

  • Slide down the menu from the top of the Samsung A50 screen.
  • A menu including screen brightness, Do Not Disturb and NFC settings should appear.
  • Select ‘Screen Recorder’.
  • Screen recording will almost instantly begin after you “Allow”.
  • While the screen is being recorded, a menu will appear in the top-right of the screen. This menu allows you to annotate and draw on the screen while recording.
  • A ‘STOP’ button will be visible while recording. Once you’re done recording the screen, press this button.

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I don’t have a screen recorder on my Samsung A50

Sometimes it’s just easier to record your screen than explain in words what you want to get across.

This is, of course, possible with modern technology. However, you may feel in a bit of a predicament if it seems that there’s no screen recorder on your phone.

As outlined above, the screen recorder on a Samsung A50 should be easy to find and use if you have Android 9.0 (Pie). Some OS systems such as Android 10 – One UI 2.0 don’t look to facilitate screen recording.

But, there are some alternative options if you’re not seeing a ‘screen recorder’ icon. This will involve downloading additional apps to your phone.

One app which will expand your Samsung phone’s features to screen record is MNML. Download MNML from the Google Play App Store here.

If you’d rather not download a third-party app, according to, the following steps will also enable a screen recording feature on your Samsung phone.

  • Download Samsung Nice Shot APK > Copy Nice Shot APK to your phone’s internal storage
  • Open File Manager > open the Nice Shot APK
  • Restart your phone
  • Press the Volume Down + Power button to take a screenshot > See a “Video Camcorder” icon
  • Press the camcorder to start the recording > Recording icon will appear on the screen

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