How to Enable Slow Charging Notification on Samsung S9


If you have a Samsung S9 and have previously dismissed the slow charging notification and now regret it – fear not. We’re going to show you how to enable the handy slow charging notification feature on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung S9 is a popular and powerful smartphone, with many features including high-speed charging, long-life battery and an impressive curved screen.

Unfortunately, when we get a new device, we are quick to dismiss notifications before we actually realise they can be quite useful. This is a common occurrence for S9 users when it comes to the slow-charging notification that is a feature of this particular smartphone.

Read on to find out how to enable to slow charging notification on the Samsung Galaxy S9, and benefit from yet another if its numerous, handy features.

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What is Slow Charging Notification on Samsung Galaxy?

If you own a Samsung S9, you might have received a notification whilst connected to your charging port, alerting you that the phone is charging slowly.

This alert was added in by the developers, as part of the phone’s high-speed charging feature. It essentially alerts you when your phone isn’t charging at high-speed so that you aren’t concerned that your phone has charged slower than usual.

So, under what circumstances might your Samsung S9 not be able to charge at high-speed?

Well, depending on where you are plugging your phone in to charge, there might not be enough power in the outlet to charge at high-speed. This is sometimes the case when you charge your phone in the car, or via USB on another device such as a laptop.

In some cases, it might be because your charging cable is faulty, or there is debris in your charging port.

So, if you have received this notification and accidentally selected ‘Do not show again’, you might be wondering how you can get this helpful notification back again?

Let’s find out how you can enable the slow charging notification on your Samsung S9.

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Enable Slow Charging Notification on Samsung S9

You can easily enable the slow charging notification on your Samsung Galaxy S9 by following these simple steps:

  • First, go to ‘Settings’ on your Samsung S9.
  • Next, navigate to ‘Apps’, and then (…) in the top right-hand corner.
  • Here, you can select ‘Show System Apps’, then ‘Android System’.
  • Go into ‘Notifications’ and you will see a list of notifications with toggles.
  • Search for ‘USB’ and flick the toggle to ‘ON’.
  • Exit the settings screen and you will now receive notification of slow charging in the future.

Whilst it is great that the Samsung S9 will alert you of slow charging, you might still want to avoid suffering through a slow charge whenever possible.

Read on to find out how you can avoid the slow charging of your Samsung Galaxy S9.

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How to Avoid Slow Charging on Mobile Device

To avoid the dreaded slow-charge notification, always make sure your charging adaptor and cables are in good condition. Something as small as a faulty pin on your cable or a loose connection can cause your phone to charge slowly.

Dirt in your charging port can also trigger the slow-charge notification and prevent you from making the most of your high-speed charging. To avoid this, use a Q-tip to clean out your charging port or blow into the port to remove dust and lint.

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