What to Do if iTunes Playback Is Stuck at 0:00: Easy Fix


iTunes is perhaps one of the most widely used programs when it comes to downloading and playing music. But what do you do if iTunes playback is stuck at 0:00?

If you are an Apple user, you might have encountered this common error on iTunes. Your music is downloaded and available, but the playback is stuck.

Whilst this is a common error, finding the cause can sometimes be a struggle. iTunes is known for being a complex program and changes to settings can trigger this issue.

Luckily, there are several things you do to get your music playing again, all of which you can try quickly and easily yourself.

Let’s look at what you can do to fix iTunes if playback is stuck at 0:00.

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How to Fix iTunes Playback Stuck at 0:00

If your iTunes playback is stuck and music won’t play, you can try turning your iCloud music library off and back on again.

To do this you need to:

  • Open iTunes and go to ‘Settings’ then ‘iCloud’.
  • Select ‘Music’ and then tap ‘iCloud Music Library’ to turn it off.
  • Close the window down and go back to your iTunes library.
  • Next, navigate back to ‘iCloud Music Library’ using the same instructions as above, and tap it again to switch it back on.
  • Close the window down again and go back to your iTunes library.
  • Try again to play your music and see if playback is now working.

Is your iTunes playback still stuck at 0:00? Try authorising the device you want to use.

Authorise Your Device to Fix iTunes Music Playback

If you are still unable to play music using iTunes, you might need to authorise your device.

You can do this by following these steps:

  • Open iTunes on your device and login to your Apple Account.
  • Once logged in, open ‘Account’ and navigate to ‘Authorisations’.
  • Next, click ‘View My Account’.
  • Select ‘Authorise this Computer’.
  • You will be given steps to follow to authorise your current device.
  • Once completed, return to iTunes, and try playback once again.

If you still have no luck playing music on iTunes, you might need to update your audio drivers.

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Update Audio Drivers to Fix iTunes Playback Stuck at 0:00

If your iTunes playback is still stuck at 0:00, it might suggest an issue with your audio drivers. This issue can occur through updates to your iTunes version or updates on your PC.

To fix this, open your PC settings and search for ‘Device Manager’.

Next, go to ‘Sound, Video, & Game Controller’ and right click.

Select ‘Update Driver Software’ and wait for the update to complete.

How to Avoid iTunes Playback Issues

iTunes playback issues are common among Apple users; however, they are generally easy to fix.

You can avoid coming up against these problems by making sure you are always using the most recent version of iTunes. This will ensure that the program is always working at its full capacity and can cope with all available file types stored in your iTunes.

Of course, if you are using iTunes on multiple devices, make sure that all your devices are authorised on your accounts, so you can play music whenever, and wherever you choose.

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