How to enable YouView on a Sony Bravia TV: Four simple steps


There are tonnes of telly lovers across the UK and while some prefer to opt in to Sky TV and its monthly price package, others choose a contract-free option such as Freeview, Freesat or YouView.

YouView provides viewers with 70 plus channels, seven-day catch-up and the option to rewind, pause and record shows.

Sony expanded to Bravia in 2005 with TV retailing since then. Now, 15 years later many consumers have opted for Sony Bravia brand and the vast majority of the time, the technology runs smoothly. However, now and again, any device can encounter an issue.

Let’s take a look at how to enable YouView on a Sony Bravia TV.

How to enable YouView on Sony Bravia TV
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Can I get YouView on a Sony TV?

Yes. You can access YouView on a Sony TV. Some Sony televisions come with YouView pre-loaded and ready to go.

However, sometimes YouView needs to be enabled before you can watch the service on your Sony TV.

According to Sony: “YouView launched on Sony BRAVIA Android TVs via a software update in 2015. The inclusion of YouView provides Sony customers with a seamless combination of live and catch up TV through the award-winning scroll back user interface.”

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How to enable YouView on a Sony Bravia TV

Note: You will need an aerial to enable YouView on a Sony Bravia TV.

To enable YouView please follow the steps below.

  • Using your Sony Bravia remote control, press the ‘home’ button.
  • From here, go to ‘settings’, ‘channel setup’, ‘YouView setup’.
  • Now, choose ‘enable’, ‘yes’.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up YouView.

What can I watch on YouView?

As well as boasting over 70 of everyone’s favourite TV channels such as BBC One and ITV 2, YouView offers a whole host of TV on-demand players, too.

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Now TV, ITV Hub, All4 and My 5 are all accessible with YouView.

Movie and music channels such as Sony Movies and 4Music are also available with YouView as well as popular channels Quest, Food Network and Dave.

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