Main Freesat transponder not found: What does this error message mean?

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Skillful worker installing satellite dish and television antenna on roof top

Freesat is a fantastic option for those who love to watch a lot of television channels. The service is provided free and is accessible via satellite dish.

A joint venture by BBC and ITV probably means there is going to be a lot of great viewing in store. For a start, the service boasts 200 TV and radio channels.

We take a look at what to do if you see an error message reading ‘Main Freesat transponder not found’. This problem often arises as a result of signal faults, so let’s find out more.

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Can Freesat work without a dish?

Unlike Freeview which transmits through a TV aerial to receive programs, Freesat needs a satellite dish to view different TV channels.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a dish you will not be able to view any channels.

However, you can view catch up TV by connecting your Freesat box to your dish and your broadband router.

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“Main Freesat transponder not found” – How does this happen?

A transponder is a device that receives a signal and automatically transmits another signal.

Often the problem occurs if the satellite dish has a faulty Low Noise Block (LNB) downconverter.

When you experience missing Satelite television channels, video pixelation or signal dropout out you may have a damaged LNB.

If you come across the main transponder not found message, it may be best to seek the help of a professional.
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How do I connect Freesat to my TV?

First of all, you need a satellite dish placed in a good location outside to receive a signal.

Usually, two cables run from your satellite dish inside the house and are plugged into the satellite ports at the back of your Freesat box.

A separate High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable plugs from the back of the box to the corresponding port on the TV.

For on-demand services, you can connect the box to a broadband router through the use of an ethernet cable.

Finally, you will need to power the box by using the power cable and connecting it to the box and the mains socket.

Can you record on a Freesat TV?

To make sure you can record on a Freesat TV you need to have a Freesat Smart TV recorder.

You will have the options to pause and rewind and most of all you can do all of this while watching live TV.

If you have two satellite cables plugged into the back of your box, you can watch one program while recording another.

When you aren’t watching any programs, you can record two at the same time.

Hard drive space of up to 2TB will certainly mean you can record up to 1000 hours of standard-definition programs.

Freesat is great if you already have a satellite dish but would rather not spend money on a monthly subscription.

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