How To Fix a Blurry Logitech Webcam & Return To Video Conferencing

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When using a Logitech webcam, the video shouldn’t be blurry. But, if this is the case, here’s what to do next.

If there’s one thing anyone wants from a webcam it’s clear picture quality. Whether video conferencing for work or simply catching up with friends from afar, there are many uses for a webcam.

Logitech is an electronics brand founded in 1981 in Switzerland. Today, the brand is recognised all over the world and they create everything from wireless Bluetooth headphones to computing and gaming accessories.

There’s no denying that Logitech is a ‘go-to’ brand for webcams, so let’s take a look at the issue of the video capture being blurry.

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Why is my Logitech c922 webcam grainy?

Webcams provide users with both audio and video connectivity. More often than not, consumers will go out of their way to purchase a good quality webcam for the advanced picture quality. If a webcam’s picture looks blurred, this can be for a variety of reasons.

The webcam may simply be out of focus. Check whether there is a dial around the camera lens in which you can adjust to change the video quality.

It’s also worth noting that webcams don’t do so well in low lighting,  so ensure that you’re using it in a well-lit room when video conferencing.

How to fix a blurry Logitech webcam

Once the reason for the webcam being out of focus has been established, we can run through some troubleshooting tips.

Firstly, the device in which you’re using can be the cause for an out of focus webcam. Try using the webcam on a different device, such as a laptop if you were using a PC, to see if the issue still occurs.

Secondly, check the internet connection. If you’re experiencing a poor Wi-Fi signal or a located in a part of the house where Wi-Fi dips in and out, this can be the cause for a blurry webcam. In this instance, it would be advisable to install a Wi-Fi signal booster.

It may seem silly to check, but it could be that the packaging of the webcam (if new) is still covering the lens. Check that there’s no film over the camera preventing it from capturing quality video content.

Check that the correct drivers have been installed for the webcam. This is the software relevant for making the webcam work correctly. If installing a new webcam, ensure that you run through the on-screen steps before attempting to use it.

Simply closing down any applications that are using the webcam, then rebooting, can also refresh the hardware and get things working correctly.

Using a laptop and seeing “webcam not detected”?

If your laptop displays a message reading “webcam not detected”, this may come down to something as simple as apps not having permission to use the camera. To allow permission on a Windows 10 device please follow the steps below.

Start > Settings  > Privacy  > Camera > Turn ‘on’ Camera access for this device.

For Macbooks, please follow the steps below.

Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab > Click Camera in the sidebar.

Select the tickbox next to the apps that you want to use your camera in. You might be prompted to quit and reopen an app before it can use your camera.

It can also be linked to faulty drivers – AKA the software used to make the camera work. In this instance, the best thing to do is uninstall, then reinstall, the camera.


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