Samsung TV Is Making Buzzing Noise: Here’s What To Do

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Samsung TV entertains the whole family. So when it starts making a buzzing noise, there must be something wrong with the internal working. The reasons why your Samsung TV makes a buzzing noise can vary from overheating to problems in your circuit. A careful analysis of all the parts of your Samsung TV will help you reach the root of the problem. 

Samsung TV is perfect to enjoy your latest shows on a flat screen. The TV can easily blend into your decor with a painting or a picture display. It gives your home a sleek look and allows you to sit back and relax as you enjoy your favorite shows. However, the only sound that a Samsung TV should produce is the show you are watching. 

If you constantly hear buzzing noises from your Samsung TV, it might be the beginning of a problem. If the annoying noise is interfering with your viewing experience and giving your anxiety, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of possible solutions that can help stop these noises 

Why Is Your Samsung TV Making Buzzing Noise?

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Samsung TV makes buzzing noise because of various technical and mechanical problems. When a Samsung TV is used for a long time, it can overheat and Samsung TV makes a buzzing noise. The overheating is just a sign and is indicative of the placement and use of your Samsung TV.  Catching the problem behind the buzzing noise early on can save you from a lot of hassle. Here are a few problems that might be causing a nuisance in your Samsung TV.

Lack Of Ventilation Causes The Fans To Overclock

When a Samsung TV is cramped into a small space, it doesn’t get proper ventilation. The lack of ventilation leads to the expansion of the plastic in Samsung TVs. When the plastic expands beyond its limit, Samsung TV makes a buzzing noise. Here are a few ways you can fix this problem:

  1. Place the Samsung TV in a place where it gets proper ventilation. Move any bookshelves away from the TV or fix them on a wall with no other furniture attachment placed near it.
  2. Change the air conditioning levels in your room to keep it cool. 
  3. Keep the windows open to let the air inside. The air circulation in the room will help you create a better environment in your home. 

Surface Problems Lead To Poor Heat Dissipation 

When a Samsung TV is placed on an unlevelled surface, Samsung TV makes a buzzing noise. Make sure the Samsung TV is placed on a flat surface so it doesn’t wobble or tilt. A slight tilt can ruin the functioning of the TV causing glitches in the visual or audio display. Here are a few precautionary measures that can resolve the issue:

  1. Place the Samsung TV on a wooden table and keep it at least five inches away from the wall.
  2. You can get “My Shelf” from the Samsung outlet that has upper and lower casings. This shelf melds seamlessly into your decor. It is available in 55-inches, 65-inches and 75-inches.
  3. A Samsung frame keeps it perfectly aligned as your TV will fit snugly into the frame. The frame comes with a wall-mount and keeps the Samsung TV perfectly aligned. 
  4. Get a sleek shelf to ensure that your Samsung TV doesn’t tilt. It is a more affordable option than buying a frame or “My Shelf”. 

Once the Samsung TV is placed on a flat surface check to see if the buzzing noise has stopped. The buzzing noise should stop as soon as the Samsung TV is placed on a flat surface. If it doesn’t, then use then try the next step. 

Incorrect Mounting Is A Menace

Mounting a Samsung TV makes your space look sharp and orderly. A proper mounting should leave a proper gap between the wall and the back of the TV. If there is a  small space between the TV and wall, then the air circulation is limited and Samsung TV starts to overheat. 

A professional should carry out the mounting process. However, if you have mounted the Samsung TV on your own, check the screws of the mount. Tightening the screws more than their usual requirement can cause ventilation problems and Samsung making buzzing noises. Follow the given steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Check all the screws one by one.
  2. Move your hand across the back of the Samsung TV to check if the plastic is overheated.
  3. If the plastic is overheated, use a screwdriver to carefully loosen the screws one by one.
  4. Once the mount is at a proper distance from the wall, tighten the screws at that point.
  5. After the Samsung TV is mounted at a safe distance from the wall, turn it on.
  6. If you don’t hear any buzzing noises, the problem is fixed. 

There could be a problem with your power supply board or ports

samsung tv circuit board

If your Samsung TV makes a buzzing sound, the problem might lie in the power supply board. When the supply board has worn out or is not properly connected to the mainboard. The cord attached to the main supply board can burn out or add extra voltage expanding or burning the plastic of the Samsung TV. 

The following steps will help you analyze any damage to the supply board of your Samsung TV:

  1. Locate the power supply board on the back of your Samsung TV.
  2. It looks like a large circuit board. 
  3. Take out the supply board by removing the screws one by one.
  4. Keep all the parts of the power supply board in a safe place.
  5. If the circuit board seems damaged or swollen, replace it with a new one.
  6. Check the range of your Samsung TV and get a new power supply board.
  7. Place the new supply board in its designated space.
  8. Fix it by carefully placing the screws in the right slots.
  9. Once you have replaced the power supply board, cover it with the plastic lid.
  10. Turn on your Samsung TV and listen for a buzzing sound.

If the buzzing noise stopped, the problem was with the supply board. If you continue to hear a buzzing noise then look for other solutions.

HDMI Ports Can Deform Due To Excessive Heat

HDMI ports help connect streaming devices with Samsung TVs. Sometimes the streaming devices can overwhelm the HDMI ports causing overmodulation or overheating. There is a high chance of Samsung TV making buzzing noises If there is damage to the HDMI ports. We have outlined a few steps to help you check whether the HDMI ports are working or not:

  1. Unplug the supply cord from the HDMI port. 
  2. Plug the cord into the power supply port.
  3. If the buzzing sound stops, it means that the problem is with the HDMI ports.
  4. Replace the HDMI ports to resolve your problem. 


Samsung TVs are energy efficient and work properly for a long time. They can run into errors after some time.  If your Samsung TV making buzzing noise, then you need to find the root of the problem.  Make sure you carry out each step correctly or the problem might worsen. If the buzzing noise stops then you can enjoy your Samsung TV without a hitch. If not, you can always contact Samsung support to provide you with quick solutions. 


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