How to fix your Sky Q box when it’s not pausing or rewinding

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Occasionally, you may experience issues with pausing or rewinding content on your Sky Q box.

These issues are usually the result of an unstable internet connection, outdated software, a loose connection, or a software bug/glitch.

In this guide we’ll talk about what causes the Sky Q Box pausing and rewinding issues and some quick and easy steps you can follow to repair your device.

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Sky Q box not pausing or rewinding? Here’s why the issue might occur

Here are some of the most common reasons why your Sky Q box may not be pausing or rewinding:

  1. Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is essential for Sky Q functionality. Slow or intermittent connectivity can disrupt the streaming service, causing problems with pausing or rewinding.
  2. Signal Strength and Quality: If the signal strength or quality from the satellite dish is low, it can affect the performance of the Sky Q box. This might result in difficulties when pausing or rewinding content.
  3. Software or Firmware Issues: Outdated software or firmware on the Sky Q box could lead to glitches affecting its playback functionality.
  4. Content Specific Issues: Sometimes, the problem might lie with the specific content being streamed or recorded. Corrupted files or issues with the broadcast might hinder the ability to pause or rewind that particular content.
  5. Remote Control Issues: Problems with the Sky Q remote, such as low battery, connectivity issues, or a need for re-pairing, might hinder its ability to control playback functions effectively.
  6. Connectivity and Hardware Problems: Loose or faulty HDMI cables, improper connections between the Sky Q box and the television, or issues with other hardware components could cause playback problems.
  7. Internal System Errors: Occasionally, internal errors within the Sky Q box’s system might cause issues with playback controls.

How to fix a Sky Q error MR104 – a common Sky TV error code explained!

How to fix this problem in four easy steps

We’re going to walk you through, how to perform a reset to fix the pause and rewind features of the Sky Q box.

  1. Navigate to “Home“, then “Settings” but do not press “Select.”
  2. Enter “001” then press Select and Reset.
  3. Select “Reset Settings” and this should solve the issue once your Sky Q box restarts.
  4. If this hasn’t worked then you can try a factory reset but be warned you will lose all recordings and series reminders by completing a factory reset.

Another aspect to check would be your disk space. Check that your Sky box has enough space to record or store more TV shows. If not, this could be the cause of the issue.

Another Sky Q error solved

The great thing about Sky Q is the number of new shows and films it gives you access to. But people often don’t have time to watch everything at the time it’s on so having the option to record is vital.

If your Sky Q box suddenly won’t record anything you could miss out on a lot of your favourite shows.

Rebooting your Sky Q box should solve the problem more often than not but if it persists then you should contact Sky Support.