How to fix your Sonos speakers if you can’t connect them to WiFi

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If you can’t get your Sonos speakers to connect to your WiFi then you won’t be able to access Spotify or other music streaming services so let’s take a look at how to get this issue fixed.

WiFi can be an issue for many people because of fibre optic coverage in the UK is unavailable in some areas.

Just because your speakers won’t connect to WiFi, doesn’t mean you have an issue with your internet though.

It could be any number of things causing the issue. From a software update to a glitch, or it could also be your internet connection.

We get to the bottom of the issue and help you reconnect your Sonos to the WiFi.

can't connect sonos to wifi

Connecting Sonos to a new router

These steps apply when your Sonos system is in a wireless setup and you have changed your WiFi password, WiFi network name, or have replaced your router.

If you have more than one Sonos product in your system, this process will require you to temporarily connect a Sonos speaker to your router with an Ethernet cable.

Open the Sonos app and wait while it searches for your Sonos system. If the app shows “We can’t connect to Sonos,” tap “This isn’t working”.

Tap “More Options”, then “Update Wi-Fi Settings”. Follow the instructions to connect Sonos to the WiFi network.

Your Sonos system was not found

Make sure your controller is connected to your home network. It’s very common for this error to show because the controller is not connected to the correct network or the same network that Sonos is set up on.

Check that your WiFi is enabled and connected. Make sure you’re within range of your router. Confirm that you’re connected to the right WiFi network. After confirming that your controller is connected to your home WiFi network, open the Sonos app.

If you’re unable to connect to Sonos using the Sonos app on a Mac or PC, try to connect with another device in your home that has the Sonos app installed, such as a phone or tablet.

If you are able to connect successfully using the Sonos app on another device, but not your Mac or PC, the firewall on your computer may be preventing it from connecting. Consider temporarily disabling your antivirus software and it should work.

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Potential ways to boost your WiFi connection to connect your Sonos speakers

You can check if you have a strong WiFi connection or not by heading to

Moving your Sonos speakers to a location closer to the router might work if your original location was just a little out of range.

You can buy a booster for most WiFi routers which allow the router to push out a much stronger signal.

If all else fails you may need to switch to a different broadband provider. This way you may be able to get much better internet speed.

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