Airtime vs FaceTime app – What’s the difference between the two?


More than ever before, we are using video calling. To simply make a phone call is not enough.

We get so much more enjoyment by seeing our friends and families faces using video chat.

Some people enjoy using many features like playing a game or watching a video together and some just enjoy a chat.

We find out why people would use the Airtime or FaceTime App and What the difference is between the two.

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Airtime or Facetime App - What's the difference between the two?-
Envato Elements – Airtime or Facetime App – What’s the difference between the two?

What can you do on FaceTime?

FaceTime is part of Apple Inc and is one of their most-used features.

If you own an iPhone, iPad or a Mac you can use FaceTime to make video calls to your loved ones.

Unfortunately, FaceTime is not available on Android and Apple are not likely to change this.

If you are part of the Apple family you will be able to use FaceTime to:

  • Video chat with a single person
  • Add a group chat of up-to 32 people and change the view tile size of each person
  • Use a Memoji or an Animoji that maps over your face
  • Take a live photo during a chat

FaceTime is great when you want to have a large group chat with a lot of friends and family that own Apple products.

How does the Airtime app work?

With the ever-growing need to feel connected and share our experiences video calls are developing to adapt to those needs.

Airtime is one of the apps that is keeping up with these developments.

It uses video chat but at the same time you can:

  • Watch different content together
  • Send a notification to your friends or family to watch selected TV shows, films, videos and more.
  • Chat with up to 10 friends
  • Set Secret Rooms for private chats or Party Rooms where all are welcome.
  • Send reactions to each other while watching different content in real-time.

Airtime is great for people that want to hang out together and enjoy the same videos or films.


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Airtime or FaceTime App – What’s the difference between the two?

One thing that’s for sure is we all really enjoy using video chat to communicate with friends and family

If you, your friends and your family are loyal Apple users, you have a group of over 10 people and just enjoy a chat, FaceTime is the way to go.

Airtime is available on Android and iOS so it can be used by people who are fans of both operating systems.

If you enjoy watching videos that you want a group of friends to share at the same time, Airtime is a great choice.

Most importantly it’s knowing you don’t have to be in the same room to be able to see the faces of your loved ones and have a chat.

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