I can’t rewind on Hayu – Seeing “network request timed out”?

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Whether you’ve got a penchant for The Real Housewives of Orange County or you’re a die-hard Kardashians fan, there’s something for every reality TV lover on streaming service Hayu.

The TV on-demand site and app launched in 2016 and now, Hayu has subscribers all over the world.

While the majority of the time, watching our favourite series on Hayu is a dream, from time to time, the odd glitch can happen.

Users of the streaming service are reporting that they can’t rewind on Hayu. Skipping back on their show can often result in a message reading “network request timed out” appearing. So, let’s take a look at this error.

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I can’t rewind on Hayu

If you’re having difficulty rewinding or skipping back while watching your favourite reality TV shows, this could be due to the internet browser you’re using.

Similarly, the device you’re using to view Hayu content could be something to do with the issue occurring. Usually, a refresh of the browser enables the viewer to continue watching shows via Hayu, however, the fix isn’t always that straight-forward.

We take a look at some troubleshooting for the “timed out” error below.

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Hayu playback error Google Chrome – “network request timed out”

It’s always advisable to ensure the operating system of your device is up-to-date when using Hayu.

Sometimes errors can occur if you’re using an Apple Mac running OS X 10.9.5 or below according to Hayu.

If you’re encountering the playback error when using Google Chrome on an Apple Mac, please open Google Chrome and follow these steps:

Settings > Default Browser > Advanced > System > Select ‘off’ option for ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’.

Stay up-to-date with Hayu

To stay in the loop with any updates or notifications from Hayu, you can follow them on Twitter dependent on where you’re based – @hayu_uk, @hayu_au and @hayu_ca.

For Hayu’s dedicated Twitter support page it’s @hayuhelps.

Hayu offers of 250 reality TV shows and a subscription to view the content costs around £4.99 per month.

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