If the Sky connection to your broadband router fails, here’s what to do!


Founded over 25 years ago, Sky TV is something which tonnes of people across the UK have in their homes. The fantastic service that Sky offers is second to none with some seriously impressive channel packages available.

However, as with a lot of tech, things can sometimes go wrong. There are occasional problems that can hamper your Sky viewing experience. If you can’t get your Sky box to connect to your broadband router then, unfortunately, this will mean that you’re unable to watch the shows you love.

When the error message “Sky connection to broadband router fail” comes up it can be hard to put right. So, let’s take a look at what could’ve gone wrong.

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay – Sky connection to broadband router fail

‘Sky connection to broadband router fail’: Why is this an issue?

Without a solid connection to your broadband router, you won’t be able to receive any channel information or content from the Sky servers. as an internet connection is required.

There might be a temporary reason as to why your Sky box is unable to connect, such as a large storm in your area causing interference.

If there are no temporary factors that could be causing your issue then it’s most likely something to do with the software.

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How to get your Sky box to connect to your router in four easy steps

If you can rule out the weather as something which is affecting your Sky box signal then let’s take a look at some other options. Here’s how to get your Sky box to connect to your router in four easy steps:

  1. Firstly, disconnect your Sky on-demand connector from the box and turn your Sky box off completely.
  2. Wait a few minutes and reconnect the on-demand cable and turn your Sky box back on.
  3. Load up your Sky box and go to the “Network” tab to try and establish a connection with the router.
  4. If you don’t see an option to connect to the router via WPS, password or PIN then it could be an issue with the on-demand connector.

More often than not, this will allow your box to connect to the router and you can watch your favourite channels without hassle.

Seeing ‘Sky error MR209’? Here’s another Sky error code solved

Another common error that Sky customers seem to come across is Sky error code MR209. Sky error MR209 is described as a ‘proximity error’ with your Sky Q mini devices which, thankfully, can easily be reset.

This is applicable to Sky Q users with multiple boxes in the system. We’d suggest a Sky Q reset to begin with and this should fix the issue.

Resetting the Sky Q system is quite simple, you just need to go into “Settings”, “Network” and hit “Reset”.

However, some people may still encounter the same issue even after a reset. The problem for some people, in this case, is most likely that their WiFi signal simply isn’t strong enough. There needs to be a good internet connection in order to push a good enough signal around the house to connect all the mini boxes.

You will likely need to have a WiFi booster installed in order to get a strong enough signal for the error code to be dealt with properly.