Why are songs greyed out in Apple Music? A common issue solved!

Credit: Pexels user Burst (https://www.pexels.com/@burst)

While Apple Music is a great streaming service that millions of people use worldwide it doesn’t come without its issues.

Apple Music users are asking why some songs are greyed out. Increasing numbers of customers are frustrated because some songs in their library aren’t able to be played – and there’s no explanation as to why.

If these issues continue then it might push Apple Music users to Apple’s competitors, Spotify or Google Play.

But, we know that you want to stay loyal to the music giant. So, let’s take a look at this common Apple Music issue. Below we explain the cause of the songs being greyed out and how to get these songs back.

You’ll be back to jamming to your favourite tunes in no time at all!

why are songs greyed out in apple music
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What are the reasons some songs would be greyed out in Apple Music?

According to Apple, there are a few reasons that could be the cause of some songs being greyed out.

The first reason is related to connectivity. It may be that you simply do not have any connection to the internet and the music is not stored locally so it’s, therefore, unable to be played.

If a song is greyed out and there is a cloud sign with a cross through it, it means the song is ineligible for download, Apple explained some reasons for this online here.

Additionally, a song might not be available in Apple music if it is greyed out, artists might change or remove songs or parts of albums or a song might not be available in your specific region.

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What to do if all or most of your music is greyed out

It’s unlikely that all of your music will be greyed out but in the event that it is, we have some things for you to check.

If your music library is stored on a computer, make sure that ‘Sync library’ is turned on.

You can do this by going to “Settings” and “Music” on your phone. Then you can check that Sync Library is turned on for all of your other devices.

You should also make sure that all of your devices are connected to the internet.

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What to do if it’s taking a long time to upload your music library

Another reason your music might be greyed out is if you’re trying to upload your music from another source.

Make sure your computer is authorised so any music that you previously purchased from the iTunes Store can be uploaded.

Connect your Mac or PC to the Internet. On your Mac, open the Music app. On your PC, open iTunes for Windows.

Make sure that Sync Library is turned on by following the instructions above and keep the Music app or iTunes for Windows open until your music library is finished uploading.

If you still experience issues with Apple Music then please contact us on our freephone number today – 0800 433 7963. Alternatively, you can drop us a message via our Facebook page.

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