IFTTT send notification to Google Home – Step By Step Guide


The world is becoming a smarter place, and everyone is looking for ways to live a more automated, stress-free life. If you agree, it’s likely you’re also after a smarter way of working. If so, one way this can be done is with the help of IFFTT, which is a powerful tool that can be integrated with Google Home. Once done, a large number of tasks can be completed automatically. Even better is the fact that you can even use IFTTT to send notifications from Google Home to your phone. Want to know how to do this? Continue reading for further information on what IFTTT is, how it works, and how to use IFTT to send a notification to Google Home.

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What is IFTTT? 

IFTTT means, “if this, then that”.  The software platform is a third-party that connects multiple apps, devices, and services to run automated tasks. The result is that your apps and devices will together. 

How does IFTTT work? 

The idea is that you have a trigger, and an action which is executed when the trigger occurs. For example, you can choose “if the sun sets” as your trigger, and “turn the porch lights on” as your action. So, your IFTTT becomes, “if the sun sets, then turn the porch lights on”. This is called an applet. You can choose from premade applets, or make a customized applet. 

IFTTT and Google Home

ifttt send notification to google home
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Google Assistant is integrated with IFTTT to enhance the functionality of Google Home. This means that you can customize the commands your preferred way. 

How to Use IFTTT to send notifications to your phone through Google Home

  1. Download the IFTTT app.
  2. Start by logging in with if you have an existing account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll have to create one. Next, use the menu bar to search for the Google Assistant. Once done, click on the Connect button.
  3. Log in with the same Google account which is linked to your Google Home. After that, you’ll have to provide IFTTT the required access to your Google Home by tapping the blue Allow button.
  4. You now have to create applets with Google Home as the trigger. To begin, choose New Applet, click on the text ‘+this’
  5. Next, use the menu bar to search for Google Assistant, select the ‘trigger’ to open the assistant. If you want something simple, choose ‘Say a simple phrase’.
  6. Next, you’ll have to give the assistant a command. For instance, you can type a command that says “Talk to me.” After this, select the ‘check’ displayed on the right-hand side. You can now decide the actions Google Assistant must take after the command. Tap on +that to add an action.
  7. Choose your preferred channel. In this case, choose Notification.  Now select Send a notification from the IFTTT app.
  8. Finally, type the desired text that will appear in the notification. For instance, you can type the action, “Prepare for class.”
  9. Now click the ‘check’ icon and click Finish.


You’ve now configured Google Home to send a “Prepare for class” notification when you say, “Ok Google, talk to me”

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