How To: Samsung s9 Google Assistant Lock Screen


 Samsung S9 comes with the Bixby set as the default virtual assistant. But if you’re a big fan of Google Assistant, you can change your settings to make that your default assistant. It’s clear that Google Assistant is an efficient way to get things done on your phone, but one of its few limitations is that your phone needs to be unlocked to access all of the Assistant’s features. There are, however, some ways that you can use Google Assistant even when the phone screen stays locked. Want to find out? If so, continue reading more on the Samsung s9 Google Assistant Lock Screen.  

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant from Google that allows you to get things done faster, without having to do them manually. You can use Google Assistant to launch apps, trigger devices, ask questions, set reminders, make plans, find stuff on the internet, adjust phone settings, and do just about anything else.

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How to Set up Google Assistant on Your Samsung S9 

To set up Google Assistant on your Samsung S9:

  • Tap the home key and hold
  • Tap “Get Started”
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. You will be prompted to say “OK Google” three times, to teach the assistant to recognize your voice. 

Using Google Assistant on S9

samsung s9 google assistant lock screen
Image credit: John Tekeridis

There are two ways you can access Google assistant to help you. 

1. You can access Google Assistant manually.

  • Tap and hold the home key
  • Google Assistant will open up on your screen
  • Go ahead and ask Google assistant to do whatever you’d like it to do. 

2. You can access Google Assistant by saying, “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. To set this up: 

  • Open the ‘Google App’
  • Tap the More options menu with the three dots
  • Next, Go to Settings 
  • Tap the Voice option, then Voice Match
  • Turn on the option that says Hey Google. This will allow you to access your assistant by saying “Hey Google” when your phone screen is on.

How to use Google Assistant when you see Samsung s9 lock screen 

Google allows you to use your assistant when your phone is locked, however, this is limited to personal actions. By turning on lock screen personal results, Google Assistant will be able to call your contacts, send personal communications, and read or show personal results from your email, Google calendar, contacts, reminders, and shopping lists.

For actions or responses that involve payments, Google photos, requests to open other apps, and questions about your name or address, you will still need to unlock your phone to access Google Assistant. 

  • Open the Google app
  • Next, go to Settings
  • Tap Google Assistant, and then tap Assistant
  • Under ‘Assistant Devices’ choose your phone personalization
  • Turn on ‘Lock Screen Personal Results’
  • You can now use Google Assistant when your phone screen is off, to access personal results.

It may seem inconvenient to limit the functionality of Google Assistant on a locked phone screen, but in terms of ensuring security, it is a significant gain.

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