What UK TV channels are free with the Firestick? How to get BBC, Pick & more


What channels are free with the Firestick in the UK?” – that’s what lots of Fire TV users are asking.

Watching TV has never been easier than it is in 2020. As well as TV subscription services such as Sky, new additions to the market such as Fire TV sticks and Freeview are available. Streaming sticks and devices are a fraction of the cost of traditional TV subscriptions and provide a whole host of entertainment.

As well as apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Fire TV Sticks can provide viewers with all kinds of channels, many of which may not be expected.

All our favourite shows, from I’m A Celebrity to Ozark can be watched via a Firestick. So, here’s a look at what TV channels are free with the Firestick in the UK.

what channels are free with the firestick uk
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What channels are free with the Firestick UK?

The Amazon Fire Stick really has the potential to be the ultimate home entertainment system. Not only does it provide the opportunity to watch Netflix, Britbox, Hayu and other subscription-based apps, but there are loads of free apps available for download, too. Catch up on Eastenders, enjoy Celebs Go Dating and keep up to date with Sky News with ease. Note that a TV License is required to watch BBC player content.

  • BBC iPlayer
  • ALL4
  • My5
  • ITV Hub
  • UKTV Play
  • TV Player
  • YouTube
  • Sky news
  • BBC News

The following apps are available for download on a Firestick but require a subscription.

  • Hayu
  • Britbox
  • Boxnation
  • Netflix
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Prime Video

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Can you get Disney Plus on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes. Disney+ is available for download on a Firestick. The Disney app not only offers Disney classic but National Geographic, Marvel content and more is available to watch with a subscription.

Disney+ is easy to download for Firestick, simply head to the home screen and enter ‘Disney+’ in the search bar. From her click ‘install’ and within minutes, Disney+ should be downloaded. If when using a Firestick to watch Disney+, the content seems to buffer, see our guide on how to stop Disney+ from buffering on a Firestick.

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Pick TV on Firestick

Pick TV gained a fair deal of popularity in 2020 due to the channel airing free-to-view Premier League football over the summer. Understandably, many football fans wish to watch the channel and many of them have a Firestick as their way of watching TV.

Watching Pick TV on a Firestick isn’t exactly possible. A Freeview app isn’t available via the regular app store, so anyone wishing to watch Pick may need to take out a Now TV subscription. From here, open the Now TV app on a mobile device, then you can cast the Pick channel to the TV.

TV Player and UKTV Play offer UK TV channels on a Firestick. TV Player requires a paid subscription to view its content. There’s no contract, you can cancel any time and it costs £6.99.

Best Free VPN For Fire Stick 2020 UK

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