JVC TV keeps restarting when connected to the internet: What to do now


JVC is a brand which introduced the first of Japan’s televisions. Founded in 1927, today JVC is a major player throughout the world of electronics.

As well as TVs, JVC produces a huge variety of other audio, visual, computer-related electronics and software.

Keeping up with modern trends, they have a wide variety of Smart TVs that compete with other major TV brands.

Smart TVs can connect to the internet, therefore it is possible to use fun apps and all our favourite online streaming services.

Although JVC is renowned for its great tech, there may be times when a JVC TV keeps restarting when connected to the internet. Let’s take a look at how to stop this from happening.

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Are JVC Smart TVs any good?

In today’s modern world you will get all you need from a JVC smart TV.

Expect eye-opening 4K flat-screen displays to watch all your favourite programmes.

Some models come with Dolby Digital sound, so you will certainly get a great audio experience.

JVC TVs also come with built-in apps like Netflix and Hulu for entertaining video streaming. They have all the ports to plug in external devices such as HDMI and USB.

The TV sets connect to the internet through the use of its built-in WiFi.

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My JVC TV is restarting when connected to the internet

The problem when the TV keeps restarting when connected to the internet is, more often than not, a result of internal hardware issues.

This means there could be a manufacturing defect, a power surge or there is a problem with the main control board.

To find out if the restarting issue is fixable, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the power cord the runs from the back of the TV from the mains socket.
  2. Leave the power cord unplugged for one hour.
  3. After that, press and hold the power button on the television set for sixty seconds.
  4. Keep the power button held in and make sure you remove any multi-plug or surge protectors connected to the wall outlet mains socket.
  5. Keep the power button held in and plug the power cord back into the wall outlet mains socket.
  6. Turn on the wall mains socket while holding in the power button on the TV

Make sure you are safely handling the plug when inserting into the mains socket.

Having JVC Smart TV problems? Factory reset and more

If you have any doubts in carrying out the steps yourself and think it is hazardous to carry out, always speak to a professional instead. Or, if you have problems with any other devices and need support you can contact us here.

If you feel confident and have carried out these steps but you still encounter your TV is still restarting, it most likely means that there is a physical hardware fault that needs repairing.

If you are still in warranty with your TV, we advise taking it back to the place of purchase to get a replacement.

For anyone wishing to complete a factory reset on their JVC TV, please follow the steps below. However, please note that any data stored on your TV will be lost following the reset.

  1. Using the JVC remote control, press ‘menu’.
  2. Navigate to ‘setup’ from the TV menu.
  3. Press ‘enter’ then go to ‘reset’ and click ‘enter’ once more.
  4. Your JVC should now factory reset back to its default settings.

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