Let’s take a look at the Toshiba 55X9863DB TV: Specs, comparisons and price


We are going to take a look into the Toshiba 55X9863DB.

From an OLED HDR 55″ screen to smart TV features, this model has so much to offer.

Just because it’s an OLED panel doesn’t guarantee picture quality, however, boosted with HDR technology, Toshiba is onto a winner with this one.

This TV is the same, if not better, quality than the LG and Samsung competitors for half the price.

Read on for more of our honest thoughts about this model.

So many features packed into a mid-price product

The TV not only supports HRD and 4K viewing, but it also supports Dolby vision.

Dolby vision adapts to the scenes being shown, adjusting the contrast to meet the demands of what’s being displayed.

The speakers are excellent and are tucked away behind the screen so as not to distract from the crystal clear viewing.

With motion compensation and estimation, you will be fully immersed in whatever you’re viewing.

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What sets this Toshiba model apart from all others?

Toshiba offers this exact model in a variety of different sizes meaning that there’s something suitable for everyone – whatever your room size.

The price is a big factor here because other brands offering this level of quality are charging at least double the amount.

Also, it’s perfect for gamers, this piece of hardware has less than 1 millisecond time delay between console and screen.

Other models have similar specs but not all the technologically impressive features that this does.

couple watching TV at home

How do the specs for the Toshiba 55X9863DB compare to others on the market?

Although this model isn’t cheap – at just below £1,000 – it is by far the cheapest of all the competition.

Many of the top television models are into the thousands with similar specs.

You can’t really knock this range of TVs. Even though they are more of a budget option, Toshiba hasn’t cut any corners.


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