Looking at the Nvidia Shield error code 800C0001 and how you can solve it

Maurizio Pesce

Nvidia is known for its high-powered gaming chips and graphics card but this is a new offering from them, a new all-in-one media streaming device to rival the giants of the industry.

Like all streaming devices, the Nvidia shield is not without its bugs or glitches such as this error code 800C0001, so we’ve put together this guide to help you fix it.

The company haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel with this product but they have certainly put a lot of effort into making this device the best that it can be.

For those who aren’t too familiar with Nvidia, all the products they make are generally the best on the market or close to it so we strongly recommend you consider getting the Nvidia Shield.

It’s packed with features and has some truly innovative ideas that we talk about in our brief review below.

nvidia shield error code 800c0001

How does the Nvidia Shield stack up to its competitors such as the Sky Q?

With the fastest processor on the market, there is no slowing you down with loading speeds unseen elsewhere in the industry and no problems playing the highest quality movies or shows.

4K Ultra HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound you are in for a truly cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

You can download over 5000 apps from the Google play store and use them on your TV with the Nvidia Shield as well as connect to all other smart devices in your house.

Thanks to Nvidia’s cloud-based gaming service you are also able to play games right on your TV from the Shield system and run them at the highest graphics settings.

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What could be causing Nvidia Shield error code 800C0001?

What could cause error code 800C0001 is a combination of things but you are only going to see this error code when you are trying to GameStream or access the Steam database.

The reason it occurs is that you likely have the games stored in a secondary hard drive.

When you have the game you’re trying to open in a second or third drive then the Shield will try to open it through that drive instead of the primary drive.

All games must be opened through the primary drive for them to work so we need to move those alternative game drives and focus on the primary game drive.

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The easiest way to solve this error code and fix the Nvidia Shield

There are a couple of things you can try to solve this error code and the easiest is to do a clean install of the game you are trying to play.

Firstly, navigate to the steam library, then go to “Manage Steam”, uninstall the game and then exit Steam. Reopen Steam and redownload the game for a clean install that might solve the issue.

Your other option is to find the other copies of the game in your secondary hard drives and delete them. To do this, go to your computer and go to folders which should be on your bottom taskbar.

If you can see under the tab “My PC” on the left-hand side that you have a “C:” or a “D:” drive then click them and if there is any presence of the game under those folders you can delete them. You may have to reinstall the game but this is a good way of trying to fix the problem.