What to do if Windows 10 Microsoft Edge icon is missing from the taskbar

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The taskbar isn’t something that many people spend much time thinking about but if the Windows 10 Microsoft Edge icon goes missing then you’ll quickly realise.

There are many issues with computers and software that sometimes take a lot of technical knowledge to be able to solve.

Finding the answer to your exact issue could be difficult but we’ve aimed to cover all bases with this article.

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge was launched in 2015 and comes with Cortana for all your virtual assistant needs, you can also download many extensions for the browser from the Google Chrome store.

Follow the easy steps below to find the missing icon and get your computer working properly again.

windows 10 microsoft edge icon missing from taskbar

Why has the icon disappeared?

Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows 10 that has replaced Internet Explorer.

With many different answers floating about on the internet it’s difficult for you to understand what might have caused the icon to disappear.

We believe that the problem stems from a glitch with the computer software and should be easy enough to solve.

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How do I get the icon back?

The simplest solution would be to open the start menu, search for Edge, right-click the icon and select “Pin to taskbar.”

If this works, then great, you might just have to do that if it does it again, but read on for a long-term solution.

If that doesn’t work, we suggest that your best option is to uninstall and then reinstall Microsoft Edge all together.

Find Microsoft Edge in the start menu, right-click the icon and select “Uninstall.”

Wait for the program to finish uninstalling and then go to this link to reinstall Edge and try again to pin it to to your taskbar.

You won’t lose anything other than your stored favourites because most things these days are stored in the cloud.

Has this not worked for you? Contact our experts who will be happy to help!

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Another issue with Windows 10 that is easily solved

Many computer issues can be baffling with many different causes. If you’re experiencing the “blue screen of death” here’s what to do…

The blue screen of death is a popular one but it doesn’t mean the end for you PC as some people believe.

Some third-party antivirus software has been known to cause blue screens. Uninstall this to see if it is causing the issue.

To do this you’ll need to log into safe mode. Restart your computer and press the start button a few times before anything appears. This should bring you into safe mode where you can locate your antivirus software under programs and select uninstall by right-clicking the program.

If you’re still experiencing issues with this then you can contact us on 0800 433 7963 or send us a message on our Facebook page!

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