Microsoft Teams freezing during meeting error: Fixed


Microsoft Teams freezing during a meeting is the last thing anyone wants to happen while at work.

There are many apps to choose from when it comes to video conferencing. However, Microsoft Teams is a huge hit with big businesses.

Not only does the app allow for video calling, but co-workers can chat via Teams as well as store files.

Microsoft Teams is extremely handy for a variety of reasons, but when the app freezes unexpectedly, it can be very disappointing. So, here’s a look at what to do if the app stops working.

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Microsoft Teams freezing during a meeting

If Microsoft Teams freezes during a meeting it can be a major disruption to your workday.

This often happens when using a new version of Microsoft Teams software. Some users have reported more experiences of Microsoft Teams freezing when using Windows 7. Although there’s no known cause for the app to freeze, device and software compatibility could definitely be a factor.

  • If Microsoft Teams has frozen, the best thing to do is close, then uninstall, the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Then,  restart your computer.
  • Re-install Teams and it should now run optimally.

Consider your PC set up, could any hardware be interfering with Teams working correctly? Many Microsoft Surface and docking station users have reported issues with Teams crashing. Try setting up your devices in a different way – perhaps changing which USB port is used or using different hardware.

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Microsoft Teams crashes when sharing screen

During many conference calls, it’s important to share screens. Screen sharing is useful, whether you need to show a colleague how to do something or watch a manager run through a tutorial.

Of course, when any issue occurs, users of Microsoft Teams are going to ask ‘why?’. In short, there really is no known cause for the crashing issue when sharing screens. It’s always advisable to keep devices updated and use the latest version of Microsoft Teams. It’s not only Microsoft Teams that see this issue, but Skype for Business also experiences crashing while screen sharing. This problem can occur due to a server issue so bear in mind that it may only be temporary. As soon as the servers are back up and running, Microsoft Teams should work correctly again.

what to do when screen sharing crashes. always the most crucial of times.

According to Microsoft community forum user @TIER4TS, the following steps should rectify the freezing error:

  • Select ‘Device Manager’ > Click Sound, Video and Game Controllers > Double Click “Realtek Audio”.
  • Click Driver Tab > Update Driver > Browse My Computer for Driver Software (Locate and install driver software manually).
  • Click “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.
  • Select “High Definition Audio Device” > Next.
  • In response to pop-up reading “Installing this device driver is not recommended because Windows cannot verify that it is compatible with your hardware…“> Select “Yes”.
  • Close any screens and restart your computer.

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Microsoft Teams causing the computer to freeze

Sometimes, not only will Microsoft Teams freeze, but the whole computer can.

This issue can be caused by other hardware interference such as Bluetooth devices. To check whether it is your Bluetooth devices causing the problem, try connecting them to another device.

As with many freezing errors, this Microsoft Teams one can be fixed by uninstalling the app, rebooting the device and reinstalling the app.

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