Netflix app disappeared from Firestick? What to do now


In 2020, there are apps for all kinds of content. Whether you prefer streaming reality TV, British shows or Disney films – you can bet there’s an app for it.

Netflix is a content streaming service which provides with a variety of different viewing options, from original series to blockbuster movies.

With a subscription, Netflix users can watch on many different devices such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets. Or, if you have a Smart TV, Chromecast or Firestick, you can also watch Netflix, too.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a staple in many people’s homes nowadays. It’s a very easy ‘plug and play’ device, which isn’t particularly expensive. For all its great points, it does seem that there are Firestick users encountering some technical difficulties from time to time. So, let’s see why the Netflix app has disappeared from Firestick – and most importantly – how to get it back!

netflix app disappeared from firestick
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Netflix app disappeared from Firestick

If you’ve just sat down, turned on the telly, scrolled over the the ‘Apps’ section of the Fire TV Stick homepage and you can’t find Netflix on your Firestick, we feel your pain.

Thankfully, there are a few things we can run through to correct this issue which will enable anyone facing this issue to Netflix and chill, once again.

Firstly, let’s try clearing the cache on your Firestick by following the steps below.

Amazon Fire TV Settings > Apps > Manage Installed Applications > Select Netflix to clear cache > Select ‘clear cache’

Following these steps, please unplug the Amazon Fire TV Stick from the power for 30 seconds. Plug the device back in and Netflix should load up as normal.

Sometimes apps on your Firestick may seem to have disappeared if your home internet hub is going through updates. Ensure that you have a stable and working internet connection, turn the TV and Firestick off and on again, and see if the issue still occurs.

Apps may also look to have disappeared if they need updating. So, ensure that you’re using the latest version of the app.

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How to reinstall Netflix on Firestick

Two more solutions to the Netflix issue include logging out of the Netflix app, then logging back in again.

Or, uninstalling the app entirely, then reinstalling Netflix using the steps below.

Home > Settings > Apps > Manage All Installed Applications > Netflix > Delete/Uninstall

To reinstall Netflix on your Firestick, please complete the following steps.

Firestick homescreen > Search > Type ‘Netflix’ > Select Netflix app > Download > Open > Sign in

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Amazon Fire Stick: Netflix cost

Both the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Netflix app are very popular across the globe. So, naturally, there are many owners of Firesticks who wish to stream Netflix as well as many Netflix users who want to have all their entertainment in one place such as on their Firestick.

The two products can work in sync, however, Netflix does not come free with a Firestick.

To use the Netflix app, you’ll need to be a paying subscriber. You’ll need to download the Netflix app onto your Firestick and log in before streaming any content. If you’re yet to take out a subscription for Netflix, then you do get the first month for free. Sign up for a Netflix account online here and gain access to tonnes of original and blockbuster content.

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