Reading “there has been a problem finding your Sky Q box on the network”? Here’s what to do


The message “There has been a problem finding your Sky Q box on the network” generally implies that your Sky Q box is having difficulty connecting to your home network.

This issue can be caused by a number of reasons, usually involving network settings, signal strength, hardware problems, or software glitches.

When this message appears, it means that the Sky Q box cannot establish a proper connection with your home’s Wi-Fi network or router.

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What could be causing this problem?

When your Sky Q box has a problem being found on your network it can be a number of things.

It could be that your WiFi is having issues – that would be a major error – but it could also be something much simpler.

The main issue is most likely that your network had a problem with identifying the main box.

Sometimes it does need to be done manually before your network can find the box automatically.

How to fix this issue in a few easy steps

Connect via a 2.4GHz network

  1. Your main box needs to be connected to your network via your 2.4 GHz network.
  2.  Check this by going to “Settings,” “Network,” “Setup” and highlight the “Status” box.
  3. If this issue is persisting then your home network should not be seen here.
  4. Click “Reset” and then select Confirm. Select the option for non-Sky broadband, select your network from the list.
  5. Enter your password and your Sky Q box should be able to find and connect to the network.

Perform a network reset

Begin by initiating a network reset on the primary Q box while ensuring an Ethernet connection.

Access the Network Reset option located within the Q box Home menu, under Settings, Setup, and Network.

Scroll down to Status and proceed to choose the Reset option found on the right-hand side. Opt to connect using a wired connection to a non-Sky Router.

Avoid executing any WPS processes and allow the box some time to establish a connection, which might take a few minutes. If it fails to connect, troubleshoot the Ethernet connection as there may be an issue present.

Once the connection is established, access the hidden menu within the Q box promptly and disable the WiFi function.

Access the hidden menu by pressing the Home button and scrolling down to highlight Settings without actually selecting it. With Settings highlighted, input the sequence 0 0 1 and then press Select.

Navigate to the Network section to disable both WiFi bands. Ensure confirmation before exiting this menu.

For each Mini device in the Mini Home menu, repeat the network reset process while maintaining an Ethernet connection. Similar to before, refrain from engaging in any WPS actions and patiently wait for the connection to establish.

Once the Mini device is successfully connected, access its hidden menu using the same method mentioned earlier and proceed to turn off both WiFi bands. Confirm the changes before exiting this menu.


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