Is Your TalkTalk Router Internet Light Off: Get Online With These Steps


It can be frustrating when you are regularly experiencing issues with your internet. Although most broadband providers have dropouts every once in a while, it becomes difficult to deal with when it happens regularly. In this guide, we will be discussing how to resolve issues with your TalkTalk router and what to do if the internet light is off.

If you’re having issues with another provider, we have you covered with our guides to no broadband on Virgin Media and Sky.

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TalkTalk router internet light off

When your TalkTalk router is working correctly, you should see a solid white light on the front. If your router is blinking amber and white, or just blinking amber, your wifi is connecting to the internet. However, if that light is not on or red and doesn’t change after 5 minutes, there is an issue with your connection.

If the TalkTalk internet light is off, what does this mean?

Your router may not show any lights when it isn’t receiving any signal, and this is likely to be caused by damage to the router. Essentially it means that the modem is dialling and not getting an answer, which causes the internet not to work.

If you’re still having the issue with the light being off after 5 minutes, please unplug your router and allow it time to reboot. However, if this doesn’t fix it, be sure to contact TalkTalk help to see what they can do with regards to a new router.

Also, note if your router has a solid amber light and doesn’t change after 15 minutes, this is an issue with TalkTalk, and they’ll discuss the next steps with you.

If you’re unsure as to why your internet is down or are looking to resolve issues with other lights, we have all of the information you need right here.

TalkTalk router internet light off
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Why is my TalkTalk internet down?

There is a range of reasons why your TalkTalk internet isn’t working. Some of the fixes are more simple than others. If you’re unsure as to why this is, here are some of the most common internet connection issues and what you can do to fix them.

Check your setup

If you’re struggling to get your TalkTalk internet online, it is worth checking it is set up correctly. Make sure your router is connected to your main phone socket as opposed to an extension, as this will stop your internet from transmitting broadband signals.

The phone line is down.

Due to TalkTalk being operated by an Openreach network, this can have an impact on your internet connection. If your router is connected to a phone socket, it’s worth checking if the phone line is also down. Make sure your router is connected to the main phone socket rather than with an extension socket.

Faulty equipment

If you have new equipment or have upgraded, you may start experiencing these issues right away or shortly after; TalkTalk advises this is normal for up to 14 days as your line will go through a stabilisation period. If the issues persist after this time, contact TalkTalk about sending out new equipment to see if this helps.

TalkTalk is down

Occasionally it can be an area fault with your internet. Some causes of this are bad weather or maintenance. Although these issues are not ideal, you should find information regarding the status of TalkTalk on your service status dashboard. If your service doesn’t seem to be affected, turn off your router at all the wall and leave for 20 minutes if you have fibre broadband or 30 seconds if you have non-Fibre. After this time has passed, turn your router on again and allow it to start up.

If for any reason it appears that your router is not working or it may be a more complex issue, please get in touch with TalkTalk, who can provide an engineer to come and assess the issue.

TalkTalk internet light off

Wi-fi hub light too bright? How to turn it off!

Despite the TalkTalk hub having a sleek design, the fact the whole of the interface lights up is an issue for some users. Although a light at the bottom in the middle advises whether the internet is connected or not (which cannot be turned off). You can turn off the lights on the interface. If you’re looking to turn off this light, here’s how to do so:

  • Open a browser and type in into the search bar, which will take you to the router admin page
  • Next, log in with your username and password, then click on internet services
  • Then Manage advanced settings and then press continue
  • Following this, choose advanced configuration followed by maintenance diagnostics
  • Finally, indicator status management and choose ON or OFF for the light. You can also choose times to have your router lit up, e.g. throughout the day and off at night.

If you have any further wi-fi related questions, we’d be more than happy to help you with your tech woes. Please get in touch for further information.


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