What Channel Is RTE On Freeview TV: Find Out Right Here

Do you want to know what channel is RTE on Freeview TV? RTE 1 and RTE 2 channels are available in few parts of Northern Ireland via aerial as part of the Freeview service.
RTE Freeview services are currently broadcasted from Black Mountain, Brougher Mountain, Carnmoney Hill, Divis, Newcastle, Armagh, Whitehead, and Strabane. Both RTE 1 and RTE 2 are channels are broadcasted in a standard definition. However, you need Freeview HD equipment to receive these channels.
Furthermore, some RTE sports and movie programs are not available on Freeview due to copyright restrictions. In this guide, we’ll explain what channel is RTE 1 and 2 on Freeview for Northern Ireland residents and how you can catch RTE channels in the UK.

What channel is RTE now?

what channel is rte on freeview

RTE one is available on Channel 53 on Freeview TV. It is one of the most popular TV channels in Ireland that broadcasts documentaries, entertainment shows, current affairs,  and news. You can also see national events on RTE one.

You can enjoy RTE one on Freeview TV in certain parts of Northern Ireland. Therefore, you have to check your coverage area to watch RTE programs.

What number is RTE 2 on Freeview?

You need to go to Channel 54 to view RTE 2 broadcast in Northern Ireland on Freeview TV. RTE 2 programming is more relevant to a younger audience that is aged between 15 to 34 years through comedy shows, sports, entertainment, documentaries, and drama.
Same as RTE one, RTE 2 is available on Freeview TV in specific parts of Northern Ireland.


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