What to do when your Sky Q box keeps losing internet connection


When your Sky Q box keeps losing its internet connection it can be frustrating as it means you aren’t able to kick back and watch your favourite shows.

There are many reasons why your Sky Q system might keep losing its internet connection from your internet not being strong enough to a malfunction with the box itself.

If you want to watch all your favourites, it’s essential that we find out what is the cause of your problems and how to rectify them.

We’ve put together this guide to help you find the root cause of the issue and fix your internet connection.

Why does my Sky Q box lose internet connection?

As mentioned above, the Sky Q needs a strong, constant internet connection to be able to provide its services.

If your internet isn’t up to scratch then you will be unable to receive the high-quality streams from the box.

You can check your internet speed here to see if it might be that causing the problem.

It could also be an IP address error if you have another device trying to use the same IP as your Sky Q box then it might “kick” the Sky box off the network.

Find the solution for the Sky app error code 91-1 in three easy steps!

How to fix your Sky Q box internet connectivity

  1. Turn off your WiFi on the main Sky Q box. You can do this in the engineer’s menu, to access this scroll down to settings – but don’t select it – then enter 1001.
  2. Create a new wifi network with your router.
  3. Turn on the WiFi on your Sky Q box and connect to the new WiFi network.
  4. In the IP address settings under network advance settings on the Sky Q box manually change the DNS server settings to (that’s the bottom row of numbers.)
  5. Turn the WiFi back on and reconnect to the main box.