Sky Q unpauses itself: Here’s how to get your system working correctly


The Sky Q box allows you complete viewing freedom. You can rewind, pause, fast forward and record shows like never before.

Sometimes there might be a glitch with your Sky Q box and you may find that your Sky Q box has a mind of its own and unpauses itself at random intervals.

We take a look at this problem and suggest some solutions to get the pause feature working again.

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sky q unpauses itself

Why is my Sky Q box unpausing itself?

As with many new technologies, there are some teething errors that plague the system and a really common one is that the Sky Q box won’t always stay paused when it’s asked to.

Some of these issues are incredibly complex to fix and you may need a replacement Sky Q box but thankfully the majority, including this error, are fairly straightforward.

A simple reset of some features should fix the issue and allow you to pause programs at will again.

How to fix the unpausing glitch in four easy steps

A settings reset and reboot should sort this annoying glitch out easily.

  1. Disconnect the power for 30 seconds and then reconnect, waiting for it to set itself up again.
  2. Enter the hidden menu by navigating to “Home” and then head to “Settings” but do not press “Select.”
  3. With “Settings” highlighted enter “001” and then press “Select.”
  4. Only perform the reset once as any further reset will wipe all recordings and series reminders.