“Sky download failed technical fault 11 272” popping up on your screen? Solve the issue!


Recording your favourite programmes and movies on your Sky box is something we all love to do. So when you encounter technical fault 11 272  – which means your download has failed – it can be a real pain.

Sky was the first real game-changer when it came to the market and it opened up so many more channels when it was introduced to customers back in 1990.

They have operations in the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Italy. Sky is one of the most well-known TV services and broadcasts some of the biggest sports events and latest movies.

Technical faults can be complicated to solve because they normally require more than a simple reset of the Sky box.

We’ve put together a small step-by-step guide below to help you solve this nuisance and allow you to record all of your most loved shows and movies without hassle.

What does technical fault 11 272 mean?

You’ll likely experience technical fault 11 272 when you’ve tried to record and programme or a movie and you go to view it in your planner.

Sometimes it can affect just a few but it can also affect all of your recordings which is extremely frustrating and the fault will pop up as you try to view the recorded item, not allowing you to see it.

This is likely only going to affect you if you are in possession of an older or refurbished Sky “Thompson” box that has outdated software.

The newer boxes have not shown this fault and so it is believed to be a problem related to the older generation of Sky boxes.

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Fix the “Sky download failed technical fault 11 272” error

Let’s try a Sky Planner Rebuild to tidy up your planner files and reset a few things.

  • Press Services, then 0, 0, 1, Select, then 7.
  • You won’t lose your recordings and you should allow the rebuild to finish before you turn off your Sky box at the wall before turning it back on.
  • If that doesn’t work, we would suggest opting for a Full System Reset (this follows the same sequence as the above, but press 8 instead of 7). Note: This will mean that the box will be wiped entirely.
  • This will delete your recordings because we’re resetting your entire planner in hopes to solve whatever the system is having problems with.

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What to do if that doesn’t work

Factory resetting the box is one of the last things you can try before there are no options left except forking out for a new box.

  • Turn your box off at the mains, hold the left and right arrows down on the front of the box.
  • While still holding them down, turn your box back on and continue to hold down for 60 seconds until the lights are flashing.
  • Then allow the box to reset itself and go through the on-screen set-up instructions.