What does the Sky Go Error Code 1304 mean and how can you fix it?


Are you experiencing the dreaded 1304 error code on your Sky device?

Sky 1304 error is often linked to location settings and ensuring you are connecting in the right geographic zone—especially for those tuning in from the UK. It is important to address your postcode settings and ensure your account aligns with your actual location. Additionally, a common culprit behind this issue is the use of VPNs, which might necessitate a simple fix: disabling them.

In this guide, we will explore some DIY solutions to fix the error code 1304 message and share some quick and easy steps to troubleshoot this common Sky issue.

sky go error code 1304
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What is the root cause of Sky Go error code 1304?

If you’re receiving the message: “Sky Go unavailable. Please try again later. Error code 1304”, don’t panic – this is a common issue.

A variety of factors come into play when it comes to the cause of this issue. But, more often than not it comes down to a glitch in the service.

Depending on which machine you’re trying to watch Sky Go on, your solution will differ. Below we take a look at both Apple Macs and other laptops.

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How to fix the Sky Go error on your MacBook

The first thing to try is to uninstall the Sky Go app, you can do this by going into the App Store, finding the Sky Go app and clicking uninstall, then simply reinstall the app and try loading up the player again.

An easy thing to check is whether you’re using the most recent software. Ensure that your MacBook is as up-to-date as it can be. These machines often require updates which are sometimes easy to miss.

To download a macOS software update, navigate to the Apple menu, click on “System Preferences”, “Software Update”. Once downloaded.

Finally, if you’re still not having any luck, delete the Sky Go folder by going to “Finder”, “Users”, “Library”, “Application Support” and “Delete Sky Go Folder”. Now, log out and the app should now work when you log back in.

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Sky Go: Fix the error on a Windows laptop

If you’re using a Windows laptop you may be experiencing error code 1304, too.

In the same vein as the MacBook steps, firstly try uninstalling the Sky Go app by simply right-clicking the Sky Go icon and selecting “uninstall”. You can then reinstall the application to see if it works.

Drivers not being updated could be a big part of why the app is not working and could lead to worse computer performance overall.

To update your drivers, open the Start Menu, search for “Device Manager” and click the top result. Double-click the category “Video Card” and “Applications”. Right-click the device, and select the “Update Driver” option.

If you’re still experiencing the error and have a Sky Q system, with your Sky Q remote control, go to “Settings”, “Status” and go to “Watch via Sky Q app” and click on “Reactivate.”