Is your Sky box frozen on initialising mode? Here’s a 3-step solution!


A Sky TV box is a great addition to any home and can give you access to so many different channels to keep you entertained.

From movies to kids channels, there is something for everyone with Sky TV, which is what makes the service so popular. In the UK alone, Sky TV has 12.5 million customers as of 2018.

Usually, your box is installed without a hitch enabling you to browse your new media library with ease.

But, a common problem can often occur when initialising your new device, read on to find out more on how to fix it.
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Sky box frozen on initialising: What is the issue?

A common problem when you receive a new Sky box is that it gets stuck when initialising.

Initialising your Sky box could take some time as it has to sync to the Sky service.

However, sometimes your Sky box will freeze on two messages, one of which is “Your box is still initialising.”

Another message you may get stuck on is “Initialising new viewing card.”

But there’s no need to worry, Digi Helpdesk is here to help you solve this problem!

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Sky box frozen on initialising
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How to fix a Sky box that is frozen on initialising

This problem can be resolved in just a few simple steps as outlined below:

  • First of all, switch your machine off with the power button and then at the plug.
  • Now, remove the viewing card, checking for any damage and without reinserting the viewing card, turn your Sky box back on.
  • Leave it on standby for 3 minutes, press the Sky button and reinsert the card when prompted making sure it’s chip side down.

In most cases, these steps resolve the problem and your Sky box should now work.

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What to do if this issue still isn’t resolved!

If this didn’t work then don’t fret because there’s someone on-hand to help.

We’re always happy to help get your technical devices up and running again. You can call us today to speak to a human being who can talk you through this issue. Alternatively, use our online chat service to get things working as they should. box frozen on initialising
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