What to Do if Music Stutters When Android Screen Turns Off


Are you an Android user? Have you noticed that your Android music stutters when the screen turns off? If you have, you’re not alone.

Technology in mobile devices is only becoming more advanced and yet despite that, we are still plagued with frustrating glitches when using our phones for simple tasks such as listening to music.

Music stuttering when Android mobile screens turn off is a common occurrence in Android mobile devices.

Thankfully, there is a quick and easy fix to this problem which means you can listen to your music uninterrupted – as it was intended.

Read on to find out how to prevent music from stuttering when the Android screen goes off.

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Why Does Android Music Stutter When Screen Turns Off?

Is your music playing perfectly fine on your Android mobile right up until the screen turns off – at which point it stutters and falters?

Are you using a Samsung mobile?

If you answered yes to these questions, then it is likely a problem with your Power Management System.

This system is designed to prevent wasted battery usage on your device. Unfortunately, whilst this is an extremely useful feature on Samsung phones, it can sometimes cause interference with certain apps.

In fact, the most common app that Android users notice an issue with is Spotify.

Luckily, you can prevent this issue from happening with one quick fix.

Read on to find out how!

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How to Stop Android Music Stuttering When Screen Turns Off

You can prevent music stuttering on Android devices when the screen locks by adjusting your Power Management System.

To do this, you need to:

  • First, on your Android mobile device, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Device Management’.
  • Next, tap ‘Battery’.
  • If you scroll down, you should see a list of ‘Unmonitored Apps’.
  • Check if Spotify is listed.
  • If not, tap on ‘Add apps’ and select ‘Spotify’.
  • Go back to your Android home screen and try listening to music and locking your screen.

Adjusting your Power Management System should now prevent interruptions when listening to Spotify when your Android screen is off.

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Avoid Issues with Spotify on Your Android Mobile Device

Android devices have several features that are designed to promote longer-lasting battery life – which on the surface is great.

Unfortunately, it can interfere with apps that require a lot of battery use, such as streaming music on Spotify.

Once you have adjusted your Power Management System to include Spotify, you should no longer have these issues. However, it is worth checking these settings after updates to both the Android system and also the Spotify app.

Updates can sometimes override these settings to ensure that you are using getting the most out of your battery. So, if you notice this happening again, it is worth checking your battery settings to make sure you get uninterrupted music when listening on your mobile.

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Does Music Stutter on iOS When Screen Turns Off?

So, does music stutter on iOS devices when the screen turns off?

Well, it looks like this isn’t a common problem for iOS users. Whilst there was a glitch similar to the Android issues when iPhones and Apple devices upgraded to iOS 12, it doesn’t appear to be a persistent problem now.

If you do notice music stutters on your iOS device when the screen goes off, there are a couple of solutions you can try.

First, check that your music apps aren’t due to be updated. You can check this by locating the app on the App Store and installing updates that are available.

Secondly, check that your Apple device is updated with the latest version. Sometimes, if you’re using an old version of iOS, you might encounter glitches such as stuttering or interrupted playback when listening to music.

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