What to do if Sky Go is not working on a Mac: Get the desktop app going!

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Sky Go was launched all the way back in 2006, and 14 years later, it’s still being used by tonnes of Sky TV customers.

The desktop app can be downloaded and used on both Windows and Apple devices. Sky includes this feature in their packages at no extra cost. They say you can “stream live and catch up TV from your Sky package on your phone, tablet or laptop.”

But, for anyone who has paid out for Sky subscription as well as an Apple Mac, it’s probably quite disheartening when the two don’t work together.

All the excitement of being able to view your favourite Sky channels from the comfort of your laptop, whether you’re commuting or spending the day in our duvet, comes to a bit of an anticlimax when you find that Sky Go is not working on your Mac.

So, let’s take a look at why this problem occurs and what exactly you can do to fix it.

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Why is Sky Go not working on my Mac?

Although many electronics can encounter glitches which are fixed with a simple ‘switch off and on again’, this Sky Go error is more likely to require something a little more complex.

But, before we begin troubleshooting, be sure to check that everything is plugged in correctly when it comes to the devices involved including the broadband router and Sky Q box.

Sky Go may not be working on your Mac for the following reasons:

  • Software or operating system needs updating
  • A new operating system is not compatible with the Sky Go app
  • A security block or firewall is in use, disabling the Sky Go app from being downloaded/working
  • The Mac settings are blocking the download of Sky Go
  • The Sky Go app has downloaded to an incorrect location on your Mac
Sky Go not working on Mac
Sky Go not working on Mac

Sky Go won’t install on Mac: Catalina OS

If you’re having issues installing Sky Go you may encounter one of the following error messages:

  • “…can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”
  • “Sky Go installer can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.”

For a solution on the second error message, visit the Apple website here.

Are Apple’s security features stopping the Sky Go download?

As with any tech, Apple Macbooks come with their pros and cons. And while the security on a Mac is top-notch, it can block some perfectly good apps from being downloaded due to Apple’s tight safety measures.

As much as we all appreciate being shielded from viruses and malware, sometimes these security features get in the way and block apps such as the Sky Go desktop app.

By going into your system settings, there are some simple changes that can be made to allow Sky Go to begin installing.

System Preferences > Security and Privacy tab > Click the lock icon > Enter password > General tab > Change setting for ‘Allow apps downloaded from’ to ‘App Store and identified developers’.

Sky Go not working on Mac

Where is the Sky Go download located?

Another issue that can occur when downloading the Sky Go app is that it ends up downloading to a location that doesn’t make any sense.

To find out where your Sky Go app has downloaded open the Finder.

Now, locate the app which could be in the Applications folder or the Downloads folder.

You’ve found the Sky Go app, so now, right-click on the app icon.

Select ‘Open’ from the menu and the app will open.


Sky Go app keeps crashing on Mac

Having issues installing the Sky Go app is a different kettle of fish to having a problem with playback on the app.

So, let’s take a look at what to do if the Sky Go app keeps crashing on your Mac.

Firstly, you can try creating an alternative Sky ID to log in and use the app.

  • Create a new Sky ID and link the account to your existing one.
  • Restart your device and log back into Sky Go.

Additionally, if you receive an error message when Sky Go fails to load, you may be faced with the options of ‘retry’ or ‘continue’.

Keep pressing ‘retry’ when the error message appears. After a few attempts, choose ‘continue’. You should now be logged out of the app. Once you restart Sky Go, things should work correctly.

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