What to Do When Alexa Won’t Play Amazon Music on Sonos


Playing music wirelessly has never been as easy as it is now, particularly if you are using a Sonos sound system and Amazon Echo Device. But have you ever found Alexa won’t play Amazon Music on your Sonos system?

Sonos is perhaps one of the most widely used home sound systems around and the same can be said for Amazon Echo devices. These two pieces of technology are designed with ease of use and streamlined services in mind – and they don’t disappoint.

Of course, as with all technology, these two systems sometimes encounter issues. Wireless speakers such as Sonos often encounter small problems such as not connecting to Wi-Fi, or in this case, using Alexa to play Amazon Music through Sonos.

This is a common problem that many people face and could be caused by several factors. So, we’re going to take a look at what might be causing the issue and what you can do to fix it.

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Check Basic Issues First

If you find Alexa won’t play Amazon Music on Sonos, first check for any simple issues that might mean you’re being met with silence.

The first would be to check the microphone status light is lit up on your Sonos speaker. If the light isn’t on, tap the microphone icon to enable the function and try your command again. Make sure that Alexa can hear you by removing any background noise.

Secondly, check you are only connecting your Amazon account to one Sonos system. Currently, each Amazon account is only compatible with one Sonos system at a time. If you are connected elsewhere, you will either need a second Amazon account, or to remove your Amazon account from the other Sonos system.

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Reset Your Sonos Skill

If Alexa still won’t play Amazon Music on Sonos, you can try resetting your Sonos Skill which is easily done.

Open the Alexa app and click on the menu in the top, left-hand corner. Next, go to ‘Skills and Games’ and navigate through to ‘Your Skills Sonos’. Once there, simply click ‘Disable skill’.

After a few minutes, you can reselect ‘Enable Skill’ and try to play Amazon Music through Sonos again.

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De-Register Your Sonos Speaker From Alexa

Still unable to play Amazon Music through Sonos using Alexa? Then you might need to de-register your devices.

To do this, remove voice control on your Sonos App. You will then need to navigate through the Sonos app settings to ‘Amazon Alexa’. Click ‘Remove Alexa’.

Make sure you are logged out of all Amazon apps on the device. This includes the main Amazon app itself. You should now be back at square one, with Sonos and Alexa completely unlinked.

Finally, open up the Sonos app and setup Alexa again from scratch. You will be prompted to log back into your Amazon account and will have instructions to follow from there.

Check Your Amazon Music Account Has No Restrictions Before Using Sonos

If you have an Amazon Echo and Alexa won’t play Amazon Music on Sonos, you might have a device-limit on your account. Simply put, this means that you will get full access to music when using your Echo device, but when using Sonos, you will only get song previews, or nothing at all.

You can fix this by upgrading to the full subscription of Amazon Music, however, it will cost more than your current plan.

Using Alexa to Play Amazon Music on Sonos

These are the most common causes of Alexa not playing Amazon music through your Sonos speaker. Thankfully, if you fix the problem using either of these methods, you shouldn’t encounter it again.

The majority of issues that crop up between Alexa and Sonos are caused by incomplete setups. Thankfully, this can be easily rectified. If you have a recurring problem in which Alexa won’t play music from Amazon Music on Sonos, you can get in touch with Sonos directly who will troubleshoot your problem.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Digi Helpdesk support team who are always happy to answer your queries.

If you use Sonos with Spotify, you might encounter similar issues when connecting to your Spotify account, this is another common problem users come across, but luckily has an easy fix.

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