Why don’t I get all Freeview channels? Reception issues to 2020 changes

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Freeview is a television provider in the United Kingdom that provides TV access more than 18 million homes, all for free.

It is a fantastic service for UK residents as they can get the most popular TV channels such as ITV, BBC, UKTV Play and more for absolutely zero cost. You can use Freeview on various compatible set-top boxes and TVs. Plus, the Freeview app is also available for smartphones.

All you need to get access to Freeview is an antenna connection. There are more than 90 channels available on the service with up to 15 in HD quality.

However, if you are not getting all the Freeview channels, this can be puzzling, so here’s a look at why this issue has occurred.

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Envato Elements – Why don’t I get all Freeview channels?

Why don’t I get all Freeview channels?

Freeview provides TV channels solely through antenna connections. Therefore, users are only able to receive the channels that are broadcasting in their region.

Freeview works differently in different regions of the UK. Thus, the channels you get in London would be different than those you get in Wales, for example.

Other than the region-based restrictions, TV channels are going through continuous service and maintenance updates. Therefore, sometimes the channels might not be available.

Service upgrades in your region could also result in the loss of some TV channels. However, these could be recovered by manual retuning of the TV.

Freeview channels are also being added and removed via monthly service upgrades.

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How to change my region in Freeview

Usually, when you set up your Freeview for the first time, it would detect the strongest signal and automatically choose your region.

However, in some cases, you could be getting signals from multiple regions. If your Freeview TV is set to a wrong region, you can change it by doing a full retune. During the retuning, it would prompt you to choose one of the multiple signals that are available.

If you want to watch channels that are not available in your region, then that is not possible on the TV. However, you can do that on the Freeview app on your smartphone.

Go to “My Freeview” in the app, and then you can change the region by providing the desired postal code.

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How to retune my Freeview TV

If you have lost some TV channels due to service upgrades, then retuning the TV could bring them back.

You will also need to retune if you want to change your region to another signal you are getting.

The process of retuning will vary depending on your set-top box and TV. However, the instructions should be similar.

In the menu, locate the “set-up”, or another similar, option and select it.

There should be an option for a “Full retune”, select it and you would be prompted for a pin code. 0000 or 1234 should do the trick. After that, the retuning would start and take a few minutes before completion.

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