Wondering how to remove a Trojan virus from your HP laptop? Wonder no more!


It’s important for everyone to know how to remove a Trojan virus from their HP laptop as soon as one is detected.

If you don’t have antivirus software installed it might be time to rethink that because one a virus takes hold, things are often only going to get worse.

We recommend the Avast antivirus software which is free to download from their official website.

Trojan viruses or horses are particularly nasty and aren’t easy to identify – unlike some other well-known viruses.

Read on as we tell you the easiest way to remove them from your system…

how to remove trojan virus from hp laptop
How to remove Trojan virus from HP laptop

What is a Trojan Virus and why are they dangerous?

Trojan viruses are often disguised as legitimate software or attachments – hence the name referring to the Trojan horse in ancient Greece.

Once the virus has got past any filters on your laptop it can cause all kinds of damage to your files.

Trojan viruses can delete, block, modify and copy your data, while also disrupting the performance of your device.

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Removing a Trojan virus from your HP laptop

  1. The first thing to do is enter safe mode, you can do this by shutting down your laptop. Turn it back on and as soon as anything shows press the F8 key.
  2. Now, select “Safe mode with networking” and press “Enter” – this should open your home screen.
  3. Select “Start” and go to “All programs-Accessories-System tools-Disk cleanup” and finally “Delete temporary files.”
  4. Download a software called Malwarebytes, once it’s downloaded, open it and select “Perform quick scan.”
  5. The program should clear out any unwanted viruses and you just need to restart your computer to exit safe mode.

How to avoid Trojan viruses in the future

The main thing to remember with Trojan viruses is they need your permission to harm your computer.

Trojan viruses only enter when you open an attachment or run a program.

Unless you’re one hundred per cent sure about these downloads or attachments being legitimate, think twice before you click on them.

Always keep your software up-to-date as any weak point can be exploited by viruses and hackers.

Make sure to download good antivirus software to stop any Trojan viruses before they can do any damage.

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