YouView showing “no information available” on a Sony TV? What to do next

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Sony is a world-renowned electronics brand established over 70 years ago, and today in 2020, they’re still creating some of the best tech for our homes.

A more recent company to emerge is YouView which saw three huge businesses, BT, BBC and ITV, come together in 2012.

Much like Freeview and other digital TV services, YouView offers over 70 live TV channels. YouView also provides viewers with the option to pause, rewind and record shows as well as seven-day catch up on all your favourite programmes.

Netflix, Now TV and the Sky Store are all accessible with YouView, but a lot of Sony TV owners are having trouble watching telly as a “no information available” message appears when accessing the TV guide.

Sony YouView no information available
Envato Elements – Sony YouView no information available

Are Sony and YouView compatible?

Yes, Sony TVs and YouView are compatible. Many Sony Smart and Adroid TVs come with YouView installed.

However, it seems that some Sony TV owners are having issues with the YouView menu.

A list of YouView compatible Sony televisions can be found on the Sony website here.

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Sony TV & YouView – “no information available”

Thankfully, the “no information available” error should be a simple fix. Sometimes even a quick restart and reboot can correct the issue.

Firstly, always check all the of cables at the back of your television, going to and from your aerial. Everything should be in good working order and connected correctly.

Next, we advise retuning your Sony TV. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • With your Sony TV remote control, select ‘home’.
  • Now, navigate to ‘setting,  ‘channel setup’,  ‘digital setup’, ‘digital tuning’, then ‘digital auto-tuning’.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the retune process.

Once you know that all the channels will be up-to-date, ensure that the TV guide is updated, too.

  • Head to the ‘digital setup’ menu again.
  • Now, select ‘guide set-up’ and mark ‘update guide in standby’ as ‘on’.

It’s worth noting that any Sony TV software or Android operating systems should be fully brought up-to-date, too.

Clear your Sony TV cache

Another simple fix for the Sony TV-YouView-“no information available” error is to clear your cache.

  • Firstly, navigate to ‘settings’, then ‘Apps’ on the TV.
  • Then, scroll to the bottom and select ‘YouView’.
  • Finally, select ‘force stop’, clear data and clear all caches.

Restart your TV after clearing your cache and this should resolve the issue.

How to factory reset your Sony TV

As a last resort, a factory reset is usually a simple fix for the “no information available” error.

The factory reset will wipe all data from your Sony TV and the device will function like new once the reset has completed.

  • With the Sony remote control, press the ‘home’ button.
  • Select ‘settings’ then ‘enter’.
  • Click ‘storage and select’, ‘enter’.
  • Then head to ‘restore factory settings’, ‘erase all data’.
  • You should now be asked to confirm the choice of erasing all TV data, select ‘confirm’.
  • Once the factory reset has completed, your Sony TV should restart automatically.

When you next switch on your Sony TV, the TV guide should no longer be showing a “no information available” message.

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