How to stop Disney plus buffering on a Firestick: Six troubleshooting tips

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Whether your child is experiencing the magic of a Disney movie for the first time ever, or you’re an adult seeking nostalgia from an iconic Disney classic, there is something magical about all Disney films.

Released in mid-November 2019, streaming service Disney+ provides lots of enjoyable content for all the family. From Marvel classics to unique original content as well as all our favourite Disney characters, the highly-rated service has it all.

Subscribing to Disney+ couldn’t be easier. One way to access the service is by using an Amazon Firestick. Once installed, let’s take a look at what to do if Disney+ starts buffering on your Firestick.

disney plus buffering on firestick
Envato Elements: Disney plus buffering on Firestick

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Why is Disney plus buffering on Firestick?

Firstly, take a look at how close your Firestick is to your TV. The television could be blocking the signal or causing interference to the connection.

  • A slow internet connection could be creating the problem.
  • Do you have lots of apps open in the background? This can cause an issue for the Fire-stick’s RAM.
  • Check the temperature of the Firestick. Is it overheating? Buffering issues can occur because of this.
  • Make sure the Firestick has been updated to the most current version of its OS.
  • Is the storage capacity filled to its limit?

How to stop Disney plus from buffering

If you have problems when trying to watch Disney+, here are some steps to fix your problem.

  • Try moving your stick a few feet away, this can be achieved using an extension cable. They’re not usually too expensive and can help resolve the buffering issue. You can pick one up online from Amazon here.
  • Make sure your Firestick is as close to your router as possible. A strong connection will improve the signal which will, therefore, decrease buffering.
  • Free up the RAM on your Firestick by closing down apps that are running in the background. This can help to stop the buffering problem. To make things easier, you can download an app which will aid you in the process of finding out what apps are running, you can get the app here.
  • Ensure the cache of all streaming apps is cleared – this can help performance.
  • Automatic updates of your Firestick operating system should take place. But always check and make sure this has been done. An outdated OS can cause buffering problems.
  • A simple solution can sometimes be the remedy, try a quick restart of your Firestick by navigating to ‘settings’ and selecting ‘restart’, this may instantly fix the buffering issue.

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