Red light on Sky Q box but not recording? Get your system working again

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Sky TV was nothing short of revolutionary when it first emerged in 1994. It’s one of the UK’s most popular digital TV services.

Dependent on the package you choose, there are tonnes of possibilities when it comes to your home entertainment. From kids shows to your favourite music channels, Sky provides it all.

Plus, 21st-century tech means that your favourite shows can be recorded remotely. Fast-forward, rewind and series link programmes to ensure that you never miss a second of brilliant TV.

Whether you’re a mega-sports fan, a documentary buff or a movie fanatic, Sky has something for everyone. But now and again, the service can encounter some issues.

Let’s take a look at what to do if you have a red light on your Sky Q box but it’s not recording.

Red light on Sky Q box but not recording
Envato Elements: Red light on Sky Q box but not recording

Red light on Sky Q box: What does it mean?

A red ‘Q’ light on your Sky Q box should signify that the system is recording a programme. However, it seems that Sky customers are reporting that while the red ‘recording’ light is on, none of the shows selected for recording have completed.

If it’s not the ‘Q’ that’s illuminating red but a light elsewhere on the box, this can mean something else. A constant red light, as well as a flashing blue light on the front of your Sky Q box, can mean that there is a hardware issue within the system.

Resetting your broadband and Sky Q box should resolve this. You could also try ‘forgetting’ and then re-adding your Wi-Fi network.

In some cases, this red light can stay on and it has no effect on the recordings. But, if you’re having issues recording on your Sky Q box please follow the steps below.

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Why is my Sky Q box not recording?

There are a variety of reasons why your Sky Q box may not be recording.

Firstly, check whether you’ve got enough disk space. If you’ve had your Sky Q box a while then you may have filled all the storage space with previous recordings.

Another cause could be a due to a software issue. Follow this link to see steps from Sky on how to keep your Q software fully up-to-date.

The Wi-Fi connection could also be a factor to consider when working out an issue with your Sky Q box.

Red light on Sky Q box but not recording: What to do next

Sometimes, things change on our Sky Q boxes when Sky completes a firmware update. In this instance, the best thing to do is to reboot your whole home entertainment system.

  • Turn everything off at the wall and unplug. Leave for around a minute, then plug everything back in and turn on. This hard reset can get things up and running smoothly again.

Do you have lots of failed recordings sitting on your Sky Q planner?

  • Delete any failed recordings from your Sky Q system. Then, try rebooting the system as outlined above.

The red ‘Q’ on the Sky Q box also comes on when something is downloading.

  • To check if anything is being downloaded head to Recordings > Manage > Downloading. Here you’ll see if there’s anything in the download queue.

Another aspect to consider is whether the broadband is having any effect on your Sky Q box.

  • Unplug your internet router, leave for around a minute and then plug back in and allow a few minutes for everything to reset. When it comes to downloads and recordings, this could be linked to an internet issue.

Now you should be able to get back to enjoying all that Sky Q has to offer including a tonne of content available, from Sky Cinema to boxsets, to watch in Ultra HD.

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