Apple Music issue solved: “A server with the specified hostname cannot be found”

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Apple Music is one of the main music streaming services with over 56 million paying users worldwide.

An alternative to other music streaming services such as Spotify or TIDAL, Apple Music provides ad-free listening and over 60 million songs.

Despite its huge brand name, even Apple Music can encounter the odd technical hitch. But, if you’re having problems with Apple Music, worry no more.

Sometimes even the most popular apps can experience issues and often there’s nothing more frustrating.

Let’s take a look at a common error code Apple Music customers have been facing: “A server with the specified hostname cannot be found”.

Apple music a server with the specified hostname cannot be found
@ch_ch via Twenty20 – Apple Music “A server with the specified hostname cannot be found”

“A server with the specified hostname could not be found” – meaning

So, what exactly is the problem behind Apple Music not being able to find the hostname server? It is more than likely is a problem with Apple’s servers.

Often, you can restart your iPhone and restart the app and this can quickly resolve the problem, but that doesn’t always work, or the issue can reoccur.

The main issue is likely to be linked to connectivity. Either the server on Apple’s end is down or there could be a problem with the signal strength of your WiFi.

It could also be a problem with outdated software that needs updating or something as simple as removing and reinserting your SIM card, but we cover all the possible fixes in more detail below.

If Apple music keeps saying “content not authorised” – here’s what to do next!

Apple Music not working – Wi-Fi and connectivity

Often, because of the complexity of tech that we have today, we encounter a significant amount of error codes and messages on our favourite apps. One thing to check when dealing with Apple Music error code 22950 is the Wi-Fi connection.

  • Make sure you’re in range of your WiFi.
  • On your iPhone, turn your WiFi off and on again to refresh the connection.
  • If this doesn’t automatically resolve your problem then restart your iPhone.

Alternatively, please try the following steps.

  • There may be an error with the DNS settings, so in this case, we’d advise resetting the Wi-Fi connection entirely.
  • Navigate to “Settings” > “WiFi” > locate your home network > select ‘forget this network’.
  • Then set up a Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone all over and try to reconnect.
  • Should this not solve the issue, we advise restarting your WiFi router.
  • Turn everything off at the wall, wait a few minutes, then turn everything back on and allow the router to reboot.
  • Once reconnected to your home Wi-Fi, the Apple Music app should work correctly.


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Apple Music error – “hostname cannot be found”

It’s more than likely that the error message reading “A server with the specified hostname cannot be found” appears in relation to Apple’s servers as some customers have reported that Apple News also stops working at the same time as Apple Music in these instances.


We highly recommend following the steps below to fix this Apple Music error code.

  • On your iPhone, navigate to ‘network settings‘.
  • Click ‘configure proxy‘.
  • Set the proxy to ‘automatic‘.

Always ensure that your Apple device and home broadband router are both running on the latest software available.

Should you need any assistance in carrying out these steps, please don’t hesitate to contact Digi Helpdesk on our freephone number 0800 433 7963.

Alternatively, you can use the online help centre or contact Digi Helpdesk via our Facebook page.

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