Fixed: Disney Plus error code 1017 on Samsung and LG TVs


Niche streaming services are all the rage in 2020. From subscriptions to dedicated reality TV streaming services, like Hayu, to others specifically for British telly, such as Britbox, there’s no shortage of accessible content available nowadays.

Disney+ is a streaming service dedicated purely to Disney content. There’s nothing more magical for a Disney fan than having all their favourite content in one place – and now that’s possible without having to rent out a storage unit for all your Disney Blu Rays.

In the UK, Disney+ was released a week earlier than expected on Tuesday, March 24th 2020. And since then, customers all over have been enjoying the app’s benefits.

However, it looks like some Samsung and LG TV users have run into some error codes. So, what is Disney Plus error code 1017 on a Samsung TV?

Disney Plus error code 1017 Samsung
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Disney Plus error code 1017: Samsung devices

With any new app, there are likely to be some teething problems which may be why Disney+ has experienced a fair amount of error codes since its launch in 2020 in the UK.

It’s most likely that error code 1017 relates to the Disney+ cache on your Samsung TV. To solve this issue, please follow the steps outlined below.

  • Using the Samsung remote control, navigate to the TV settings.
  • Locate ‘Apps’ > Disney+ app.
  • Under ‘storage’ you should now be able to navigate to ‘clear cache and data’ for this app.

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Disney+ error code 1017 “services startup failure”

Another message which seems to be appearing alongside error code 1017 is “services startup failure”.

Besides clearing the cache for the Disney+ app, to fix error code 1017 you can also try a hard reset. This means turning the whole home entertainment system, including the home broadband, off at the wall.

Unplug everything, wait around 5 minutes, plug everything back in and reboot.

Now, when launching the Disney+ app on your Samsung TV, it should run smoothly.

Disney Plus error code 1017 on LG TV

According to Disney+ Help via Twitter, error code 1017 signifies that your device needs to be updated.

To update your LG TV to the latest software please follow the steps outlined in this guide from LG.

If you’re yet to get Disney+ or want to recommend it to a friend or family member, then why not try the streaming service out with a free seven-day trial here?

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