Fix Disney Plus error code 83 on Firestick: Stream on your Amazon device

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Disney+ is a new streaming service in 2020 and it’s catching up to its competitors, such as Netflix, quite quickly.

A lot of subscribers have signed up for Disney+ as it is offering exclusive movie and TV shows, including those from the Marvel universe. While the streaming service is (deservedly) getting praised for its brilliant content, nothing is flawless.

Some people have reported getting an ‘error code 83’ while trying to use the service on an Amazon Firestick. If you are one of those people, then you are in the right place, as we will explain what error code 83 means and how you can fix it.

Disney plus error code 83 firestick
Envato Elements: Disney Plus error code 83 on your Firestick

What is Disney Plus error code 83 on your Firestick?

According to our analysis, error code 83 occurs when the amount of traffic on Disney’s servers is very high. Because of this, it often means that your requested TV show or movie could not be loaded.

Another explanation could be that the error code occurs when the user’s internet connection is not fast enough. What happens with slow internet is that the DRM check fails to pass and hence, the error occurs. Moreover, this error is not just limited to an Amazon Firestick.

People have reported facing this issue on all type of devices, including iOS and Android smartphones, computers and Smart TVs.

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How to fix the Disney Plus error code 83

Don’t worry, there are multiple things that you can try to get rid of Disney Plus error code 83.

For starters, reset your Wi-Fi router. Then, open the settings on your Amazon Firestick, go to the Wi-Fi settings and forget your Wi-Fi. After that, enter the password to your Wi-Fi and connect again. Now, check the Disney Plus app if it’s working. Also, check if anything changes if you use mobile internet.

If you still face the error, open the Disney+ app and check if there is a “verification check” warning under the account settings. If yes, then go through with the verification, and you will be good to go. Otherwise, if you do not have the warning, you can try downloading a VPN from the app store. Now, connect the VPN to servers in either the UK or the USA. Give the app a try now to check if it is working.

Still getting the Disney plus error? What to do

If you have followed the steps mentioned above and are still facing the error code 83, then there are chances that Disney might have blocked your IP address for reasons unknown, try contacting the customer support and ask them to unblock your IP address.

You could also try using the Disney+ app on your smartphone instead of your Firestick. If it works there, you can mirror or cast it to your TV. You can try the same with your computer. If you get the issue on your computer as well, then try using a different web browser to stream Disney+.

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