Samsung Keystone 2 review: Is it the ultimate budget phone?

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Samsung is a huge electronics brand recognised all over the world for its innovative tech. And when it comes to mobile phones, Samsung is a front runner alongside Apple in the marketplace.

But, the electronics giant doesn’t just specialise in high-end products, as it turns out, Samsung is pretty good at covering the basics, too.

We take a look at the Samsung Keystone 2 which comes in as an excellent phone for a very affordable price.

Samsung has come up with something a little different with the Keystone 2, it resembles an older brick phone rather than the newer and flashy smartphones.

If you need a reliable work phone for calls and texts, the Samsung Keystone 2 might be the perfect budget phone for the job. So, let’s delve a little deeper.

samsung keystone 2 review
Envato Elements – Samsung Keystone 2 review

What do we like about the Samsung Keystone 2?

Weighing only 100 grams, the Samsung Keystone 2 might be one of the lightest phones to ever come to market, perfect for any size pocket.

This is a great phone to have in an emergency, it has a durable outer casing that will last and has great battery life, up to 720 hours standby time.

The model may make a perfect stand-in phone, maybe you go running or do another sport where you might drop your smartphone, in this case, you could consider the Samsung Keystone 2.

Not only that, if you misplace the phone there is a tracker that allows you to find it again.

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Samsung Keystone 2 review: Are there any negatives?

It’s not often that a mobile phone comes without a camera these days but that’s where the Keystone differs, don’t expect to be taking selfies with this phone.

The Keystone 2 can be quite a fiddly phone considering it is so small, so might not be suitable for everyone.

With only 2G data and a small screen, this is not the phone to be watching Netflix or browsing the web but it is great for the basic purposes of having a mobile phone including calling and texting.

Our final verdict on the Keystone 2: How much is the Samsung phone?

We really like the price of the Samsung Keystone 2 because it truly allows it to be a second phone you can use in an emergency for under £20.

While we don’t recommend it to be used for many normal circumstances in 2020 such as browsing the web, it gives you a reliable phone that will almost always have some battery.

Overall, we’d say the Keystone 2 is a great product from Samsung for a niche in the market that may have been overlooked with the more recent rise of smartphones.

You can buy the Samsung Keystone 2 online via eBay and other web-based stores.

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